Importance of Face Toner for Oily Skin

Importance Of Face Toner For Oily Skin


An increase in skin care products and trends has become the main reason behind the confusion between essential and non-essential skin care products. The same scepticism lies behind the importance and benefits of using facial toner. A facial toner is a lotion or gel used for cleansing the skin to minimize the appearance of pores and ward off any dirt or makeup residue left behind. Numerous experts reveal that toners are chiefly essential for people dealing with oily skin. Similarly, another study published in 2017 has found that a facial toner alongside cleanser and moisturizer helps to treat acne significantly.


  • Prevents pimple and acne
  • Maintains pH balance
  • Minimizes pores
  • Revitalize your skin
  • Makes skin absorption better


1. Prevent pimple and acne

A recent research article presented in the American Academy of Dermatology states that the antimicrobial and astringent properties of toner help in protecting your skin from bacteria and several other impurities, thereby reducing the chances of encountering pimples or acne. It regulates the sebum production while removing all the minute dust and dirt. As a result, toners are a necessity for people with oily and acne-prone skin. 

2. Maintains pH balance

The natural pH balance of our skin varies between 5 and 6 but the alkaline nature of soaps often tends to cause imbalance. Numerous researches reveal that an imbalanced pH skin can lead to numerous skin concerns such as acne, excessively oily skin, dry and red patches, premature ageing etc. This is when toner comes handy in daily skin care routine. A facial toner restores the pH balance of your skin quickly as compared to the restoration which occurs naturally. Besides, it strengthens the protective barrier of your skin, hence helping you achieve healthy and youthful-looking skin

3. Minimizes pores

Toner is used for making your skin look smooth and healthy as it tightens your skin and therefore, minimizing your skin pores. This eventually helps to prevent frequent breakouts while offering you a smooth and clean canvas of skin. Dabbing or wiping your face with a small amount of toner on your cotton ball will remove all the excess dirt and bacteria effectively. 



4. Revitalize skin

Toner is pivotal as it helps in making your skin feel fresh and rejuvenated. Even when you do not feel like washing your face, you can just clean it up using a toner on a cotton ball. It will help you get rid of all the dirt and bacteria and cleanse your face deeply. Including it in your face care routine will also help you get rid of all the excess oil accumulated during the day.

5. Makes skin absorption better

A facial toner helps in clearing away any dirt and residue from the clogged pores, therefore allowing various skin products to perforate better in your epidermis (skin). It helps in helping you reap the maximum benefits of your skin care products while binding the moisture to your skin to make it look healthy and supple.

Importance Of Face Toner For Oily Skin

Many people assume that using a facial toner is an optional and insignificant skin care step. However, it is only wise to acknowledge that the importance of using a facial toner exceeds far beyond short term benefits. The toners help in keeping your overall skin integrity, irrespective of your skin type. On the other hand, neglecting a facial toner from your regime may lead you to various skin concerns such as premature skin ageing, acne etc. As a consequence, it is imperative to give it a try to attain your skin goals.




Experts reveal that the best way to reap the maximum benefits of a facial toner without damaging your skin in the process is by looking for formulations containing some of the key ingredients. To cite an instance,  Witch Hazel, Ivy, Lemon, Aloe vera are some of the most effective botanical extracts present in a toner. The excellent properties that these key ingredients bring along help to regulate the sebum (oil) production while improving overall skin health.