Top 5 Tips For Youthful-Looking Skin

Top 5 Tips For Youthful-Looking Skin

Do you wish to age like a fine wine and preserve your youthful-looking skin? Noticing wrinkles, sagging etc instead of clear and dewy skin is certainly not a good experience. It not only affects you physically but also corrupts your mental health by making you feel self-conscious. It is imperative to recognize that skin ageing does not slow down on its own. A research study conducted by Dermato Endocrinology explains that there are various aspects that cause an increase in ageing like your lifestyle, environmental factors, daily habits etc. We understand that this must have left you agitated. However, fret not as we have compiled an easy-to-follow list for you.


  • Identify your skin type
  • Follow a CTM routine
  • Under-eye protection
  • Exfoliate weekly
  • Try out natural face masks

5 Tips For Youthful-Looking Skin

1. Identify your skin type

Did you know that the best way to preserve your natural skin and its youth is by understanding your skin type? Yes, you heard it right. A study presented in the early months of 2008 stated that identifying and examining your skin is one of the best ways to maintain its health and youthfulness. Besides, once you are acquainted with your skin type, choosing the correct skin products and meeting your skin requirements become a fairly easy chore. What’s more, it helps you to accomplish your skin goals effectively and easily. 

2. Follow a CTM routine

A CTM routine consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin. It is an incredibly easy and effective 3-step routine. It ensures that all the dirt, sweat, and other unwanted debris are washed out from your skin while lending nourishment. It is especially vital if you wish to prevent the visible signs of ageing. Top skin specialists confirm that this method not only saves heaps of your time but also effectively combats and prevents any skin issues like pimples, acne etc. Furthermore, it helps to maintain the pH balance of your skin, thus providing you with healthy, rejuvenated and youthful-looking skin. 

3. Under-eye protection

Dark circles along with sagging skin are unfortunately some of the noticeable signs that ageing brings along with it. The skin surrounding your eyes is known to be extremely sensitive and delicate. So, if you wish to maintain a youthful look, then the first thing you need to look after is your under-eye area. This is where the need for a good under-eye cream rises.  Recent studies show that Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract and Hyaluronic Acid are some of the main bioactive ingredients that help to protect your under-eyes. These ingredients are enriched with the goodness of antioxidants, vitamins etc that helps to provide optimum hydration to your under-eyes while keeping them rejuvenated. In addition, these ingredients help to repair and prevent dark circles along with wrinkles, sagginess etc. 

4. Exfoliate weekly

Proper exfoliation helps to unclog your skin pores, thus eliminating any dead skin cells and flakes present on your skin. Moreover, a study conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology explains that exfoliation helps to fade any acne scars or dark spots present on your skin while lending you vibrant skin. This is why you should consider exfoliating at least once a week for best results.

5. Try out natural face masks

The natural face masks are one of the best ways to pamper and deep cleanse your skin. They help to unclog your pores while revitalizing your skin. Furthermore, using the ingredients present in your pantry gives you the freedom to work on your skin at your terms without burning a hole in your pocket. 


    Honey is a versatile ingredient that has been widely used in skincare since old ages.  On top of that, a study presented in the National Library of Medicine has confirmed the anecdotal evidence of various benefits that honey bestows on your skin. One of the main benefits among them is helping your skin maintain its youthfulness. It helps to improve the appearance of your skin by preventing any skin infections, wrinkles etc that might result in skin ageing. 

    How to use it? 

    • Clean your face with a non-comedogenic cleanser before patting it dry.
    • Take a few drops of honey on your fingertips and directly apply to the affected area. 
    • Allow your skin to reap all the benefits of honey for 15 minutes before rinsing the honey mask off. 

    Aloe vera and cucumber

      Aloe vera and cucumber are an incredible duo that helps to preserve your skin’s youthfulness without damaging it in the process. Aloe vera and cucumber are known to contain cooling properties that help to replenish minerals and vitamins to your skin while lending hydration. Studies have shown that this mask is especially beneficial for someone who is experiencing sunburn, irritated skin, redness etc.

      How to use it?

      • Add 2 tablespoons of curd and 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel in a bowl.
      • Blend the mixture well to attain a paste-like consistency before applying it on your skin.
      • Allow the mask to dry for 15 minutes and rinse it off with cool water.


      These tips and remedies will certainly help you attain youthful-looking skin. Apart from that, putting a little more effort and understanding the do’s and don’ts will help you prevent any skin ailment. Remember, a sensible approach along with an in-depth knowledge is the key to ageing gracefully.

      • Consuming at least 7-8 glasses of water every day is one of the best ways to ensure hydrated and youthful skin. Water helps to replenish the nourishment and hydration in your body, thus reflecting its charms on your skin and lending you clear and dewy skin. 
      • Did you know that mindful snacking could help you achieve glowing and clear skin? Many people have a habit of consuming sugary eatables etc during the day. However, opting for nutrient-rich snacks like fruits while keeping a watch on the amount you consume is the way to keep your skin happy. 
      • Following a nighttime skincare routine is yet another good habit that will lend incredible results to your skin. Your skin comes across dirt, pollution and whatnot during the day. A nighttime skincare routine ensures that your skin is being taken care of and pampered after an exhausting day. 
      • Sleeping is an absolute must if you wish to keep your skin youthful. Top dermatologists explain that your skin tends to make new collagen while your body is at a resting state. This is why you must sleep for at least 8 hours daily to attain wrinkle-free and youthful-looking skin.  

      Top 5 Tips For Youthful-Looking Skin


      Exposure to harmful UV rays increases the risk of premature ageing, wrinkles, skin damage etc. It is why understanding the importance of sun protection is necessary. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen is an effective way to protect your skin. It helps to shield your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, thus helping you achieve youthful-looking skin.