7 Common Mistakes To Avoid With Eye Cream

7 Common Mistakes To Avoid With Eye Cream

Are you also not getting the desired results even after using an under eye cream daily? There is no question that under-eye creams are a holy grail skin care product that helps to perk up under eyes woes like dark circles, puffiness, discolorations, and fine lines.

However, you should know that only the right method of product application can help you to get maximum benefits out of your under-eye cream.

Well, we have good news for you! You can fix the damaged skin under your eyes by avoiding certain skin care mistakes and adapting the new skin care habits.

Common Mistakes When Using Under Eye Cream
    7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Your Eye Cream


    1. Using too much quantity 

    You will be surprised to know that overdoing any skin care products can do more harm than good, especially for your delicate under eyes skin.  It has been figured out that too much product application for a longer time can have detrimental effects on thin skin. Skin care experts explain that pea-sized amount of eye cream is good to nourish your under eye skin areas.

    2. Applying in a wrong order

    Till now if you have not reaped maximum benefits from your under eye cream then you should consider rechecking your application method. Yes, you heard it right. Applying your products in the correct order is one of the most important tips for bright and flawless under-eye skin. Before you begin to apply the products, always check how to use instructions on product labels. The general rule is to apply a small dot around your under eye areas and blend it gently with your ring finger.

    3. Using too close to the eyes

    Dr. Whitney Bowe, a New York-based board-certified dermatologist opines using your eye cream at least half an inch away from your eyes opening. You should be knowing that under eye creams are not intended to be used on your entire eye region. On the contrary, they are meant to be used on skin around your eyes only. When you apply under eye cream very close to your eyes, it may lead to skin irritation and discomfort. 

    4. Applying it on dry skin

    Skin care experts suggest that you should use eye cream on damp skin. The fact is when your skin is damp its permeability increases which allow the better absorption of ingredients. Skin care products such as moisturizers, serums, eye creams, etc are known to give you maximum benefits when used on slightly wet skin.

    5. Rubbing the cream vigorously 

    The skin around the eyes is more delicate than the rest of body parts, so it needs to be treated with extra care.  Dermatologists agree that frequent frowning of brows or rubbing of eyes may rupture the delicate blood vessels, which ultimately increases the risk of dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines. Your ring finger has the softest touch as compared to other fingers. Hence, it is advised that eye cream should be applied gently using your ring finger.

    6. Layering the other products quickly

    Another common mistake that most individuals commit is that they don't keep the gap between applying skin care products. When you are done with your eye cream, you should give some time for ingredients absorption into your skin.  As per skin care experts, one or two minutes gap is good while layering the skin care products.  

    7. Applying it only in night skincare routine

    Commonly, under eye cream is thought to be used at night. But the fact is your skin undergoes environmental stress the whole day. This can also impact the health of your skin, especially under eyes skin is quite thin and sensitive. Therefore, it should be used in morning as well as at night to combat the signs of aging due to environmental stress as well. 

    Under-eye skin shows the first signs of aging in the forms of dark circles, fine lines, and drooping upper eyelids. It is important to make under-eye care an integral part of your skin care regimen.


    Investing in a good under eye cream can have a remarkable positive impact in rejuvenating your under eye areas. Apart from understanding the right method of application, you should consider looking for under creams that are enriched with antioxidants and skin hydrating ingredients. In addition, making healthy choices in your lifestyle can never be underrated to stay youthful and healthy.

    What are you waiting for! Set your eye care pampering routine and make your eyes look more beautiful.


    Many clinical research studies have demonstrated the benefits of topical application of Vitamin C helps in reducing under eye dark circles. Similarly, many other pieces of research reveal that other ingredients like Chenopodium quinoa seed extract and Vitamin E are quite effective in minimizing the fine lines and brightening up the under eye skin