Large Pores: Know Its Main Causes And Types

Large Pores: Know Its Main Causes And Types Large Pores: Know Its Main Causes And Types

Large Pores: Know Its Main Causes And Types


Large pores are the bain to radiant and healthy skin. Not only do they largely affect your appearance by making your skin look extremely dull but also shatters your confidence. A study conducted by the Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology unfolds that the facial pores are the noticeable end of a funnel – also known as the sebaceous gland duct. The sebaceous gland duct transports sebum (oil) to your skin’s surface and is held in its upright position by the protein collagen. The study further elaborates that the remedy to treat and reduce large pores depends entirely on the type of pores you experience. However, with in-depth knowledge and inspection, you can easily eradicate the large pores effectively.




  • Genetics
  • Excessive sebum production
  • Ageing
  • UV radiations
  • Comedogenic products 

Causes Of Large Pores

1. Genetics

Everyone has pores on their skin. However, the size of your pores varies from one another due to variation in your genetics. Some people may encounter larger pores than others. Furthermore, a study published in the US National Library of Medicine indicates that males usually have larger and more prominent pores than females. It is imperative to acknowledge that several facial treatments may claim to minimize pores however, it is near impossible to change the shape if they are genetically determined. However, with proper in-depth knowledge and regime, you can easily attain clean and radiant skin.

2. Excessive sebum production

The rise in production of your skin’s natural oil (sebum) is yet another main reason behind the development of noticeable large pores. Various dermatologists unfold that excessive sebum production occurs due to underactive sebaceous glands, which usually leads to several changes in your skin like acne, large pores etc.

3. Ageing

Did you know that ageing plays a dominant factor behind the changes occurring in not just your health but also your skin and hair? Yes, you heard it right. Apart from visible development wrinkles and grey hair, ageing also gives rise to various other skin conditions. One such common condition is the development of enlarged pores. With the progression in age, collagen production in your skin starts to reduce, thereby, causing large pores.

4. UV radiations

UV radiations are yet another common culprits behind the development of large pores. Numerous studies reveal that the harmful UVA and UVB radiation of the sun accelerates the skin ageing process while loosening your skin. It further results in the rise of large and open pores along with several other skin ailments.

5. Comedogenic products

A 2017 survey shows that there are various comedogenic skin care products available and widely used by the majority of the population. This neglect is usually the result of unawareness about various aspects present in products that tend to harm your skin, hair and health. A research conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology explains that products containing comedogenic ingredients tend to clog your pores, thus leading to the development of large pores, acne etc. That being the case, we urge you to always opt for non-comedogenic products.


  • O-Shaped
  • U-Shaped
  • Y-Shaped

Types Large Pores

1. O-Shaped

O-shaped large pores are one of the most common types of large pores experienced by oily skin and acne-prone skin. Top skin specialists explain that these pores generally appear on the T-zone. It is usually caused by the excess sebum (oil) production accumulated in your hair follicles. With the passage of time, these pores enhance in size, thus forming bigger circles. The skin specialists further explain that the sebum present in your pores tends to oxidize upon contact with environmental pollution, therefore, leading to the development of blackheads. With that in mind, you must examine and understand your skin type before treating the large pores.

2. U-Shaped

Several research studies have shown that the U-shaped pores are generally encountered with dry and dehydrated skin. These large pores normally appear oval-shaped. A research conducted by the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic dermatology shows that people neglecting moisturizer tends to experience more U-shaped large pores. What’s more, these pores are also known as a result of a consistent loss of collagen.

3. Y-Shaped

With the passage of time, the collagen production in your skin starts to reduce, thus welcoming large pores. Various dermatologists describe Y-shaped pores as relaxed, ageing facial hair follicles. These pores are usually noticeable on both sides on your cheeks as rough small water drops. Furthermore, a study published in the Journal of Dermatology Research and Practices found that these pores are generally clogged due to blackheads.  

 Large Pores: Know Its Main Causes And Types


There is no doubt that treating large pores can be an arduous task. However, neglecting it can lead to various dreadful outcomes such as development in blackheads, acne etc. With in-depth knowledge and understanding, you can easily overcome and treat the large pores. In addition, following a skincare regimen and staying hydrated are some of the best tips to achieve smooth, firm and healthy skin while preventing further enlargement of your pores.


Various skin experts indicate that a facial toner does an incredible job for treating large pores. It helps to keep your skin healthy and youthful by balancing the pH levels and protecting your skin’s protective barrier. In addition, it helps to clean any residue left behind after cleansing, thus lending you squeaky clean skin. According to the skincare experts, witch hazel, aloe vera, seaweed, great burdocks are a few main ingredients present in a facial toner that helps to revitalize your skin while preventing enlarged pores. 


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