The science behind the benefits of ceramides for skin and hair

ceramides for skin and hair

“The best time for new beginnings is now.”

Ohh, forget about all the unfulfilled resolutions for January (we know you couldn’t keep up to them). That’s why they say that you must always look on the brighter side of things. Hence, when we speak about new beginnings, we’re talking about the new phase for your hair and skin. It’s not too late to shift your focus on your hair and skin. It’s not too late to start reconsidering factors like skin hydration, deep moisturization, promoting healthy hair that retains moisture, etc. If you ask us, the only ingredient that comes to our mind, which takes care of both hair and skin—is none other than ceramides. So let’s explore how ceramides work in both skin care and hair care.

What are the skin problems caused due to lack of moisture?

There is a popular saying that, “we never know the worth of water till the well is dry.” If you ask us, the same goes for the skin as well—till the time your skin doesn’t feel dry, you’ll never understand the importance of skin hydration.

  • Dehydrated skin

Pinch yourself sometimes (not out of disbelief, just a way to test if your skin is dehydrated or not). When you take the pinch test, if your skin takes a while to bounce back, it means it’s dehydrated and doesn’t have enough moisture content. Lack of moisturization can lead to dehydrated skin, dry skin conditions, and dry skin and acne.

  • Visible age lines and wrinkles

Do you know the importance of skin hydration to prevent early aging? When your skin lacks moisture, it leads to dryness, roughness, itching, cracks, etc., which makes it difficult for the elastic fibres to snap back into shape. You need a ceramide skin aging creamthat has great anti-aging properties and reinstates the importance of skin hydration to prevent early aging.

  • Oily and acne prone skin

Dehydration makes your skin oily and the protective barrier that was caused due to the right intake of water, is broken by the regular occurrences of blemishes and acne breakouts. The wrong skin products may accelerate this problem, which is why you need a moisturiser that includes a skin restoring ingredient like ceramides.

Skin problems, unlike the other problems in your life, need to be resolved (you cannot leave them be and let time take its course). Now that you know about the skin problems due to lack of moisture, it’s time to understand the importance of natural ceramides for the skin.

What are natural ceramides for skin and how do they help the skin?

Ceramides are lipid (fats) that occur naturally in the skin. These natural ceramides for skin constitute 50% of the skin’s composition. Apart from protecting your skin against external factors, ceramides also have anti-aging properties, and protect moisture loss and damage to give you supple skin.

If ceramides are naturally present in the skin, why does it need to be included in skin care?

There’s a difference between looking younger and being younger (and ceramides, in a way, never let you forget that). For those who are unaware, ceramides are produced in excess in young skin. As we age and expose our skin to various pollutants and other extremities, the number of ceramides produced in our skin reduces. This not only gives rise to dry skin and acne but also leads to skin damage. If you’re wondering ‘how to increase ceramides in skin’, choose a moisturiser that contains plenty of ceramides in it 

Are you aware of the benefits of ceramides in skin?

Ceramides for skin & hair: Everything you ought to know

While we’ve spoken so much about ceramides, here are some of the benefits of ceramides in skin:

1. Offers deep, long-lasting hydration

The role and importance of ceramides in skin care is plenty; one of them being—offering long-term hydration. Ceramides work towards repairing the damaged skin, enhancing skin hydration, and bettering the barrier functioning of the skin.

2. Provides firm and supple skin

Looking youthful doesn’t come easy. That’s why, you need moisturisers that contain ceramides acting as an anti-oxidant, which keeps the moisture content of your skin intact, making your skin firm and supple in the long run.

3. Balances the skin’s pH levels

Balancing can be a tough thing to get right—especially in skin care. When there’s an imbalance in the skin’s pH level, it may give rise to breakouts, blemishes, and other skin infections. Hence, you need a moisturiser that’s got the right balance of ceramides, omega 3 fatty acids, and hyaluronic acid.

4. Repairs chronic dryness of the skin

Due to various factors like lifestyle changes, pollution, lack of hydration—your skin can become dry and flaky. Before the skin loses its sheen and reaches a stage of severely damaged skin, you must opt for a moisturiser that’s high on ceramides. Ceramides work effortlessly towards restoring and retaining the moisture content in your skin.

5. Strengthens the skin’s natural barrier

Like our brave warriors fighting to keep the enemies on the other side of the border, our skin too has certain unsung heroes that help keep the wrong things away from our skin. These are the skin barriers, which are made up of fats including ceramides and lipids that keep unwanted stuff off your skin, and make the skin look healthy and balanced.

 What do ceramides for hair mean?

So much has been said about ceramides now. But if you’re left wondering ‘what do ceramides for hair mean’, then here’s everything you need to know. We’re sure that by now you know ceramides are a kind of lipid that’s considered to be a natural component of the hair cuticle. The cuticle is considered to be the hair’s defense layer, which when closed, gives your hair shine, health, and long life it deserves.

What is the actual role of ceramides for hair?

Ceramides for skin & hair: Everything you ought to know

Ceramides are like the head of the family (where families bind everyone together and keep it intact). Similarly, ceramides are known to keep the hair cuticle intact, because they know that raised cuticle can cause hair damage. By binding the cuticles together, ceramides prevent damage, keep the hair follicles in their place, and strengthen hair strands.

How can ceramides benefit the hair?

Have you ever wondered when you shop for shampoo, conditioner, or a hair mask—what is it that you look for in them? The next time you visit the supermarket, don’t forget to check your shampoo, conditioner, or hair mask for ceramides. Our blog article is dedicated to ceramides because it’s a wonder ingredient for the hair and skin. So, here are some of the benefits that ceramides can offer your hair:

1. Can ceramides restore the shine back in the hair?

Ceramides are considered to contain properties that work on repairing and retaining the closed cuticle to give you smooth, shiny tresses. It restores the natural properties of the hair, prevents damage, and gives it a silky texture.

 2. Are ceramides effective on colour-treated hair and how?

Yes, ceramides are highly effective on colour-treated hair, as using a product that’s rich with ceramides fortifies hair, strengthens the cuticle structure, and maintains the elasticity of the hair. This makes the hair susceptible to damage or breakage.

3. Are ceramides good for improving the appearance and strength of the hair?

When your hair is dry, dehydrated, damaged, or frizzy—ceramides are the superheroes that can do all the saving. Ceramides work on the scalp and hair by thoroughly protecting it from any further damage. Raised cuticle can let moisture escape from the hair, leading to hair breakage. But ceramides help to keep the cuticle closed and restore the moisture, giving shine to your hair and making it strong.

4. Do ceramides work on preventing hair damage due to abrasions and friction?

Exposing the hair to excessive treatments like hair straightening, colouring, curling, etc. can lead to hair damage. This also increases the chances of friction that can lead to easy hair breakage. Using products that are rich in ceramides can decrease the friction coefficient, which in turn, reduces the chances of hair breakage due to abrasions and friction.


It’s true when they say that—the most important thing that a person can have apart from their talent—is great skin and hair. But just like how nothing in life comes easy, having good hair and skin doesn’t come easy. You work hard to get that perfect selfie (the best selfie is the one that comes after your 99 unsuccessful attempts, isn’t it?). In the same way, you need to work hard to get good hair and skin by following the best skin care and hair care routine. Ceramides simplify the work for you, so the next time you go shopping for great hair care and skin care products, ensure that they contain ceramides in them. Remember, your skin and hair make you look wonderful, so they deserve the best.


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