Top 5 Winter Hair Care Tips

Top 5 Winter Hair Care Tips

Who does not love to adore the cold misty mornings and cozy winter evenings? Indeed, winters give you a perfect break from prickly heat and sweaty days. However, this changing cool breeze brings bad hair days for you as well. Indian Journal of Dermatology states that severity of dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis increases in the winter season. Whereas, other researches reveal that extreme cold weather conditions withdraw the moisture from hair and make them look frizzy and dry.

With the onset of winters, many people just like you feel frustrated and anxious to fix hair woes or itchy scalp irritations. Stop worrying right now.  Dermatologists explain that knowing the right hair care regimen with climatic variations and following it religiously are the ways to get healthy hair and scalp.

5 taming tips

  • Keep your scalp nourished
  • Avoid hot water bath
  • Stay hydrated
  • Do scalp massage
  • Avoid  heating tools


Top 5 Winter Hair Care Tips


1. Keep your scalp nourished

As per hair care experts, your scalp becomes more prone to dryness in cold weather. Drop in temperature creates the dearth of moisture in the scalp, which subsequently leads to itchy and dry scalp.  Hence, it is very important to keep your scalp hydrated and moisturized because scalp oils glands are critical for healthy hair.  Dermatologists suggest that using a hair conditioner after every head wash and applying a hair mask once or twice in a week is quite good for your hair.

2. Stay hydrated

Do you know that water makes approximately 25% of your single strand of your hair? Similar to your skin health, drinking plenty of water also plays a critical role in restoring your hair health. Hence, keeping yourself  hydrated from within is the key to eliminating flaky skin, dandruff, rough hair, slits ends and so on during chillier months.  In addition, health care experts explain that winter dehydration also has negative effects on your overall well being.

3. Avoid hot water bath

Hot water not only damages your skin but harms your scalp as well. Some previous researches have claimed that hot water damages the lipid fatty  layer, which is vital for healthy hair growth. Too high temperature of water strips away the natural oils and moisture from scalp skin and hair strands, which ultimately lead to more breakage prone hair.

4. Do scalp massage

This winter do not forget to pamper your hair with hot oil massage. Oiling hair helps to stimulate the blood circulation and flow of nutrients to your hair follicle. According to a research study published in 2016, scalp exercises help to improve the hair thickness and hair growth.  Natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil are known to offer deep moisturization to hair while relaxing the scalp muscles. Using aloe vera gel with lukewarm coconut oil is considered an effective home remedy to get rid of dandruff.

5. Avoid  heating tools

Dry air in winter leads to extra dehydrated and frizzy strands. Using the heating tools like straightness, curlers or blow dryers may lead to irreversible damage to your hair. A study published in Annals of Dermatology has also elaborated that thermal tools cause severe damage to the hair shaft and cuticle by decreasing the moisture content in hair. On the other hand, regular hair trims keeps the hair knot free and healthy looking without causing serious damage.


Top 5 Winter Hair Care Tips


Winter season can wreak serious havoc on your hair in the form of excessive hair fall. Building an ideal winter hair routine is an extensive approach to minimize the risk of hair fall and any other serious hair damage. Besides, consuming a diet enriched with hair vitamins and other essential nutrients is also important to keep your healthy and strong.  Last but not least, don't let winter laziness overpower  your hair goals. 



Harsh chemicals and strong surfactants in your hair care products can do more harm than good to your hair. It is very important to have a thorough understanding of ingredients present in your hair cosmetics. Several researches reveal that sulphate and silicone used in formulation of several shampoos and conditioners strip away natural oils from hair. On the contrary, Babassu and murumuru butter have been identified  as the one of best natural hair conditioners to attain the naturally shiny and healthy hair.