best protein treatment for hair

Which is the best protein treatment for hair?

“Don’t forget to eat eggs, only then will your body get the right protein.”– is a statement that we’ve heard all our growing up years.

But how many of us actually heeded to their advice and consumed protein in the right quantity? Not many of us, we assume. Because if we did follow their advice, we wouldn’t be consuming so many protein shakes (by the hour) and booking appointments to the parlour for protein hair treatments.

Now, your mothers would be telling you—“I told you so"—but it isn’t too late to repair damaged hair. If you’re wondering what causes brittle, damaged, and rough hair, then you don’t have to look far. Factors like curlers, straighteners, dryers, sun exposure, chemical treatments, diet, and even stress can lead to protein deficiency and hair loss. Here’s everything you need to know about proteins, the right type of hair protein, and the benefits of protein for hair.

What are hair proteins?

What are hair proteins 

Since your hair comprises 90% of your selfies, you need to make your hair look fabulous (at least for those picture-perfect selfies). Hence, you need all the protein you can get to make your hair long, luscious and silky. But what are these proteins? Proteins are vital for your muscles, skin, nails, cartilage, and hair. When it comes to hair, 91% of the hair is mainly proteins, while the remaining portions include lipids, minerals, melanin, and other components (now you’re probably wondering why you didn’t take your mother’s advice of including protein in your diet?)

Do you know why proteins are important for your hair?



Just like you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet, you can’t shampoo your way out of a bad hair day. Protein deficiency and hair loss can be a result of a poor diet. Including proteins in your diet can give you shiny hair and work on hair smoothness. Proteins play an important role when it comes to hair, the impact of protein on hair structure and its exact function.

  • What role does protein play in the hair structure?

The hair shaft consists of three crucial layers, namely the cortex, the cuticle, and the medulla. The cortex includes the bulk of hair that is made of numerous protein bonds, dominated by keratin, amongst others. There is the cuticle, which is the external portion of the hair and is formed by layers of overlapping scales that protect the cortex. The final layer is the medulla cells that can be absent or present on the hair.

  • How can protein and your hair structure get damaged?

Wondering what causes brittle, damaged, and rough hair? All our life, we’ve always heard that water is the most essential element in our life. But when it comes to the hair, that’s not true. Too much water can damage your hair (unbelievable, isn’t it?). When damage is caused to natural hair ingredients like proteins and your hair structure, it can cause severe hair damage.  Although layers of cuticle scales protect the cortex, water can cause damage to the hair quite easily. During hair wash, water can swell the hair and push the cuticle to open up, which can chip off, break or rip off.


What are the factors that affect the protein in your hair? Factors that affect protein in your hair

They say that never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have. But we say never deprive your hair of proteins; it’s all that your hair needs. Protein deficiency and hair loss aren’t caused by water alone. There are other factors that deprive your hair of the moisture and nourishment that it deserves. Some of the factors include:

  • Too much hair manipulation

Too much manipulation in life and hair doesn’t take you too far. Using rough brushes, pointy combs, and opting for a tight hairstyle can suck the moisture from your hair, leaving it damaged and leading to hair fall.

  • Unnecessary friction

They say that money is the biggest cause of friction. But we say, think again. When it comes to hair, something as simple as woollen clothes, bed linen can create friction.

  • Hairstyling tools at high temperature

Is the temperature soaring? Oh, it’s just your hair styling tool that’s causing the heat to rise. But continuous use of blow dryers, curling irons, hair straighteners leave your hair high and dry, and completely dehydrated.

  • Chemical procedures

Just like you need air to breathe, your hair needs its own space to breathe. Putting your hair through chemical treatments like perms, bleach, dye leaves no room for your hair to breathe.

Are you aware of the benefits of protein treatment for natural hair?

benefits of proteins for hair

They say that you need to make every hair flip fabulous, but fabulous doesn’t come easy. You need to ensure that you get the best protein treatment, which in turn, gives you natural, shiny, silky and smooth hair. Before you plan on going for a protein treatment, explore some of the benefits that they offer:

  • Deep conditioning 

Deep conditioning can improve the health of your hair. We put our hair through excess torture in the form of hair straightening, curling, colouring, bleaching, styling, etc. Deep conditioning can protect your hair from excessive damage at such times. Pea protein masks and ceramides are vital ingredients within protein treatments that add moisture to the hair and restore its natural shine.

  • Repair damaged hair

Just like your body, your hair needs the best nourishment too. If your hair looks deadbeat, it means that it’s damaged and lacks the right amount of protein. Murumuru for hair can be highly beneficial as it strengthens the hair and nourishes it from the roots to its tips. Protein treatments can also work on damaged hair that is caused due to chemicals present in the hair due to hair colour treatments.

  • Restore your hair elasticity

Sometimes, your hair can start curling or lose its natural curls.This is a sign that your hair has lost its natural elasticity and needs the right protein treatment. Babassu for hair is one such ingredient that works on your hair’s elasticity and makes it naturally bouncy, stylish, and infused with life.

  • Strengthens your hair strands 

Your hair doesn’t always remain strong. Due to factors such as the weather, pollution, and decreased nourishment—your hair can either become too dry or oily, as well as develop split ends. Hence, you need hair masks that have omega 3 fatty acids, which work wonders on your hair and stop your hair from any further damage.

  • Improve hair texture

Hair can go from being healthy and shiny to dull and boring within a matter of minutes. While deciding the hair masks that would be great for your hair, you need to determine your hair texture and the type of hair that you have. Choosing the right hair masks can improve your hair texture and make it more gorgeous.

  • Reduce hair breakage and boost hair growth

 Hair is mainly made up of a protein called keratin. The right amount of keratin works wonderfully on the hair structure. So when keratin levels are low, it leads to hair breakage. You need a hair mask that protects your hair and boosts its growth.

  • Get voluminous and healthy hair

What hair masks essentially do is to work on your hair in such a way that it enhances the volume of your hair. By opting for a hair mask, you can nourish the outer portion of your hair, strengthen the strands internally, and prevent hair breakage. This, in turn, gives you healthy, nourished, and great volume for your hair.

  • Promotes shine and lustre

Does your hair feel unhealthy and unmanageable? That’s probably because your hair doesn’t have the right amount of protein in it. Opt for a hair mask that improves your scalp’s health and gives your tresses an added booster of shine and lustre. Hair masks that include pea protein, ceramides, babassu, murumuru, and omega 3 fatty acids can improve the blood circulation in your scalp and hair. They contain rich proteins that can restore the shine and lustre to your hair.

You are what you eat’ stands true for the hair too. The benefits of protein for hair are plenty. You need to think of your hair as your child—a child that you’ve taken care of, watched it grow and ensured its complete nourishment. Therefore, when your hair doesn’t listen to you and creates a mess, you’re left wondering where you went wrong. At such times, you need to focus on the nourishment of your hair and if proteins can help you with that, then include tons of protein within your hair treatment. Because good hair can make you feel like you can rule this world.