Top 9 Hair Care Myths and Facts

Top 9 Hair Care Myths and Facts Top 9 Hair Care Myths and Facts

Top 9 Hair Care Myths and Facts

Know about Hair Care Myths and Facts - Are you often confused about what to believe and what not when it comes to maintaining your hair health? Do you also get trapped in a dilemma when you hear that you must brush your hair at least 100 times a day to keep them healthy or you must wash your hair in order to get rid of dandruff? Have you also heard that you need to keep changing your hair care products every month so that your hair does not get used to the product? Do you face doubt in your everyday habits just because statements like these confuse you to believe the right hair facts?

Hair Care Myths

Well, let us have a look at some of the myths about hair which almost all of us come across at least once in our lifetime.

1.    It is safe to comb wet hair.

Unfortunately, our hair swells up when it gets wet due to which it becomes weak from the roots. Therefore, when we brush our wet hair, more strands come off in the comb than usual.  It is best to leave hair as it is while it is wet or use a wide-toothed comb with very light hands if required. The best is to detangle your hair when it is completely dry.

2.    Conditioner is not important after every wash.

Conditioner is a very important hair care product. It helps in protecting the hair strands by building a protective layer around them. It also helps in lending moisturising effect to the hair strands which the latter loses during hair wash due to the presence of certain harsh chemicals in shampoo.

People often tend to believe the myth about hair that if they have done oiling before hair wash, they do not need to condition their hair. On the contrary, the hair fact is that it is very important to protect your hair from the environmental pollution as well which calls for a protective layer buildup after the hair wash. Moreover, it not only helps in protecting the strands but also in detangling the hair and brings softness and smoothness.

3.    You need to change your hair care product regularly

Most of us believe that it is important to change the hair care products before our hair gets used to them. You must not forget that hair is not a living thing. The only thing that can stop your hair care products from affecting the hair is the thick build-up of chemicals like silicones. For clearing this, you will require a non-comedogenic shampoo and conditioner which is free from all kinds of harsh chemicals. Therefore, you shall continue to use your hair care products and detoxify them regularly but you need not worry about changing them frequently.

4.    Hair care products can cause hair thinning

There can be various reasons for hair thinning like age, stress, pollution, family background, etc. It is possible that the wrong hair product might look like it has weighed down your hair but it is not possible that it will lead to hair thinning. Lack of hair care might be a reason but no hair care product can be a reason behind hair thinning or hair fall ever.

5.    Hair spraying can cause hair breakage

Hair sprays can cause damage to the hair; they can make your hair dull and rough giving a dry look but they do not have the strength to break the hair. Hair sprays or any other such styling formula can definitely be responsible for the build-up on the scalp and the strands but they cannot be the reason for breaking the hair from the roots as they do not have that much weight. In case you use such products, you must make sure to detoxify your hair in order to avoid damage.

6.    You should avoid getting hair coloured during pregnancy

A lot of people believe in this myth about hair. Since, during pregnancy, people tend to become a lot more conscious about their health than they are usually, every little change becomes a matter of concern for them. The idea is that the contents of the colour formulation might cause harm to the baby but the hair fact is that the chemicals are very well tested for safety measures before being used. Therefore, one must not worry about the same. If you are highly concerned, you can go for natural colours or consult your doctor before getting highlights.



This is a very big myth about hair. However, genetics play a very important role in determining your hair type but a lot of factors like hormonal changes, pregnancy, chemotherapy and even medications can change your hair texture. Whether your hair is smooth, straight or wavy, they can change anytime in during your lifetime. It also depends a lot on the way you treat them and care for them.



 It is a very big misconception that dandruff occurs only on dry scalp. You must know that dandruff has more chances on an oily scalp. It is basically a reaction of our body on the yeast. If you think that it is easy enough to wash away dandruff by shampooing, then you are wrong. Only anti-dandruff shampoos or long-term application lotions can help you get rid of dandruff and soothe your scalp. Make sure that your products are dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic.



 Trimming your hair will often make you feel good as you will get rid of the split ends and also hair breakage will reduce. Moreover, you will feel that your hair is thicker and smoother. But, the truth is that trimming has got nothing to do with hair growth. It depends upon the follicles in your scalp. Trimming, however, helps in maintaining the quality of your hair.

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FALSE Hair Facts

The above are some of the most common myths about hair. Other common myths include:

•    Plucking one grey hair will lead to more grey hair.

•    Grey hair is caused by stress.

•    The more you brush, the healthier your hair is.

•    The Sun can help in lightening your hair.

•    Blonde hair is weaker than black hair.

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