Benefits Of Hair Conditioners

Benefits Of Hair Conditioner Benefits Of Hair Conditioners

Benefits Of Hair Conditioners

Have you constantly been looking for tips and tricks to transform your frizzy hair into silky, shiny, and healthy tresses? Looking after your hair can certainly be maddening. Polluted environment, usage of heating tools, stressful lifestyles etc., are some of the causes behind the damage of your hair.  This is where the importance of conditioners arises. A study conducted by the Indian Journal of Dermatology explains that hair conditioners help to improve hair manageability while adding shine and luster to your hair. However, with countless types of conditioners in the market, choosing an appropriate conditioner suitable for your hair type can be a bit tricky. We understand that this must have made you question, “ How to choose the right conditioner suitable for your hair type?” However, put your worries aside not as we have formulated the perfect guide for you.


  • Deep Conditioner
  • Cleansing Conditioner
  • Leave-In Conditioner
  • Dry Conditioner

1. Deep Conditioner

As the name implies, deep conditioners offer hydration to the deeper layers of your hair. Such types of conditioners are considered ideal to repair chemically treated, colored, and heated damaged hair.  It has been figured out that Babassu-based conditioners provide satisfactory results for achieving soft, shiny, and healthy hair.

2. Cleansing Conditioner

It is also known as CO Washing or conditioner-only washing or no-poo method. Cleansing conditioners are considered an integral part of curly hair care. In co-washing, curly hair people use conditioner to wash their tresses instead of shampoo. As per hair care experts, murumuru butter is quite good to nourish curly hair types.

3. Leave-In Conditioner

These conditioners are formulated using gentle and natural hydrating ingredients that form a protective coating around your strand meanwhile improving hair texture. They protect your hair from all the external damage like sun rays, pollution, and changing weather.

4. Dry Conditioner

A dry conditioner usually contains oil and aerosol. They help to hydrate and add shine without wetting your hair.



Top benefits 

  1. Protects the cuticles
  2.  Imparts instant shine to hair
  3. Keeps your hair moisturized
  4.  Reduces towel damage
  5.  Balances pH levels
  6.  Detangles hair strands
  7. Easy to style    
    Benefits of hair conditioners


      1. Protects the cuticles

        Are you also wondering why you should use a hair conditioner? Amongst the various benefits of conditioners, protecting the cuticles is the foremost importance of conditioner.  Conditioning builds a protective layer around your hair cuticles, which protects them from the effects of the heat styling products, polluted environment, etc.

        2. Imparts instant shine to hair

          A study published in the International Journal of Trichology has also explained that conditioners help to minimize frizz by neutralizing the negative charge on your hair. Just applying the conditioner for 2-3 minutes at max gives you instantly smooth and shiny hair.

          3. Keeps the hair moisturized

            Surfactants present in your shampoo strip off the essential oils from hair and scalp. Conditioner helps in infusing the lost moisture back into your hair strands. This also helps to reduce hair fall by strengthening your hair strands. As per hair care experts,  Babassu and Murumuru Butter are the ideal ingredients to look for in an ideal hair conditioner. 

            4. Reduces towel damage

              When you dry your hair with a towel, your hair goes through a certain amount of stress. Unfortunately, hair in a wet state is very vulnerable to damage, breakage, and split ends. Conditioning helps in protecting your hair from such vulnerable damage.

              5. Balances pH levels

                Research studies state that the high pH of shampoo causes an increase in friction between the hair, which leads to cuticle damage. Application of conditioner followed by shampoo helps to neutralize the pH levels while keeping your hair moisturized and frizz-free.

                6. Detangles hair strands

                A conditioner helps in detangling the hair strands. After cleansing, your hair becomes rough and dry due to which they tend to be entangled very fast and even get stuck up with one another. Hair conditioner helps in making your hair smooth and this, in turn, brings all the hair downwards by detangling, thus, resulting in a smooth look.

                7. Easy to style

                  After conditioning, your hair becomes smooth and shiny; it becomes very easy to style them. In addition, hair conditioners also save you from a lot of post-shower treatments.

                  Can you use a hair conditioner daily?

                  Hair conditioners are hair care formulations that help to improve the hair texture, shine, and strength. As per dermatologists, the use of hair conditioning treatments totally depends upon the type and needs of your hair. For extremely damaged and rough hair, it is considered important to use a conditioner after every head wash.

                  How to use a hair conditioner?

                  Reap the benefits of hair conditioners

                  • Rinse out the shampoo properly from your hair.
                  •  Take the right amount of conditioner on your palm.
                  • Now apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair.
                  • Never apply conditioner on the scalp or roots of your hair.
                  • Leave it for 3-5 minutes on your hair.
                  • Wash it off thoroughly.

                  Is  hair conditioner bad for your hair? A

                  Many research studies have revealed that frequent use of silicone-based conditioners has been found to cause scalp buildup and hair damage. Silicone is a widely used ingredient in conditioners, which give temporary shine to the hair by forming a covering around hair strands. It is wise to check the ingredients present in your conditioners and other hair care products before investing in them. It will not only save you from some inconvenience but also help you recognize which ingredient and hair care products work the best for you. 


                  beautiful hair with hair conditioners

                  Now that you are well aware of the importance of conditioner, we hope it will help you achieve your hair goals. Skipping conditioner from your hair care regimen can severely damage your hair condition, making it appear extremely dry and frizzy. Aside from that, it is only wise to recognize that dehydrated hair is more prone to hair woes which is why you should always keep your tresses hydrated and nourished. So, inculcate a good conditioner in your hair care routine today to achieve silky, smooth hair, and thank us later. 

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