Top 7 Benefits of Raw Milk on the Skin

Top 7 Benefits of Raw Milk on the Skin

Milk has always been known to be beneficial in a lot of ways. It not only strengthens your bones but also make you mentally and physically stronger. However, boiled milk is good for consumption, raw milk is beneficial in various ways when used as a beauty supplement. Boiled milk must be avoided as it loses a lot of its nutrients and therefore, skin is deprived of the benefits of raw milk. The presence of Vitamin B and AHA makes it a good exfoliator and moisturiser. It not only moisturises but also removes excess sebum and tightens the pores.

Let us discuss some of the amazing Let us discuss some of the amazing benefits of raw milk on the skin:

1.    Exfoliates

Milk not only softens your skin but it also exfoliates your skin. There are various benefits of applying raw milk on the face. The lactic acid present in milk removes dead cells by dissolving inactive protein. It soothes your skin and also protects from inflammatory conditions.

2.    Moisturises

There is nothing better than moisturising your skin naturally considering the benefits of raw milk on the skin. Milk is the first thing that comes in mind when one thinks of moisturising as it nourishes the deeper skin layer while conditioning and moisturising from inside. You can prepare a face mask by mixing gram flour with raw milk.

3.    Soothes sunburn

Sun damage is the only thing that most of the people are concerned with since it is very irritating. Milk helps in curing sunburn by shedding the outer layer of the skin. Milk has lactic acid which helps in producing collagen and collagen helps in making the skin firm and strong. Therefore, it recovers faster.

4.    Removes wrinkles

Milk has the ability to remove the fine lines and wrinkles that occur due to stress, pollution etc. The alpha hydroxyl acid and lactic acid present in milk help in boosting the health of the skin. Lactic acid smoothens the skin and improves its thickness and strength. Forming a paste of banana and raw milk will give you better results.

5.    Tones skin

Apart from the various benefits of applying raw milk on the face, it also has toning properties. We cannot assure you for boiled milk but raw milk definitely makes the skin tighter and stronger as it adds strength to the worn out facial tissues while adding elasticity to the skin.

6.    Provides Fairness

Tyrosine is an element secreted in the skin which controls the production of melanin which is a hormone which controls skin darkening. Raw milk affects the tyrosine secretion and makes the skin clean from excess oil and dirt. If you wish to have more benefits of raw milk on the skin, you can add sandalwood to raw milk and apply the paste.

7.    Anti-Tanning

Raw milk contains proteins which form a layer over the skin and protect your skin from sunburn and tanning. Sunburn can make your skin thin and cause wrinkles due to less elasticity. The presence of lactic acid in the skin causes an increase in the production of collagen which increases elasticity. Collagen is a protein which adds firmness and strength to the skin. Not only does it remove sun tan but it also soothes the irritation, pain, and inflammation caused by the sunburn.

Other Benefits of Raw Milk

Since raw milk is the most natural and safest ingredient available, one must prefer using it. There is no alternative to milk for getting a flawless skin. Moreover, intake of milk can also help you get a glowing and radiating face and smooth skin. Considering all the benefits of raw milk, you must use it.

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