Top 10 Foods Rich in Biotin for Hair

Top 10 Foods Rich in Biotin for Hair

Biotin for Hair : Biotin is another name for Vitamin B7 which is water soluble and helps in converting food into energy. The term ‘biotin’ was derived from the ancient Greek word ‘biotos’ which means ‘life’ and ‘sustenance’. It is included in various diets as it influences cell growth and maintains blood sugar levels. It also affects amino acids as they are involved in protein synthesis. Since it plays a very important role in strengthening hair and nails, it is included in a lot of dietary supplements.

Long, strong and healthy hair is a dream of every person but not everyone is lucky enough to have them. Hair strands are made up cells which require a healthy diet full of vitamins and proteins. Let us have a look at some of the foods rich in biotin for hair.

Foods Rich in Biotin

1.    Meat

Meat contains a high amount of vitamins and proteins which helps in cell functioning and sustaining energy levels. The high-quality protein helps in building muscle mass and also improves heart health. The liver, especially is a good food rich in biotin for hair.

2.    Cheese

There are various types of cheese out of which cheddar cheese, American cheese, blue cheese, and camembert cheese contain the most amount of biotin. Not only biotin, but cheese is also a good source of calcium, phosphorus, and amino acids. They help in muscle building, bone development and also help in kidney function and DNA production.

3.    Egg

Eggs are considered to be a complete food. Not only vitamins, but they are also rich in proteins and help in building muscles and keep you energetic all day. The yolk of the egg contains biotin and is one of the best biotin-rich foods available to us.

4.    Mushroom

Biotin is important for mushrooms as it protects them from predators and parasites when they grow. Mushrooms can be eaten raw, cooked, cold, or even as a salad with other biotin-rich foods like spinach, cauliflower, eggs, almonds etc. therefore, the mushroom is again another food rich in biotin for hair.

5.    Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a brilliant source of biotin and a lot of other healthy nutrients. It can be best taken advantage of when eaten raw or roasted. Cauliflower can provide 5% of your daily biotin requirement. Since it is a cruciferous vegetable, it detoxes the liver while providing other nutrients to the body apart from biotin.

6.    Almonds

Almonds not only aid in weight loss but are also considered as foods rich in biotin be it in raw, salted or roasted form. However, biotin can also be found in soya bean, peanuts, walnuts, green beans, etc. almonds provide vitamin E and protein.

7.    Spinach

This low fat and low cholesterol green vegetable is very rich in biotin. It can be eaten frozen as well. Not only biotin, but spinach also contains proteins and antioxidants which protect you from inflammatory diseases like diabetes and treat cancer. For the proper circulation of oxygen and minerals to hair strands, the body needs iron which is provided by spinach.

8.    Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is a brilliant food rich in biotin and the best for those who wish to improve their skin appearance. It gives the best effects when eaten raw or with salt after boiling or roasting them in the oven.

Precautions While Intake of Biotin

You must take certain precautions while intake of biotin like if you’re on medication, you must make sure that you ask your doctor as your medicines might already include biotin. Taking biotin in the morning will be most effective as it is water soluble so it will not be stored in your organs. Taking biotin late night might spoil your sleep cycle, so you must keep a track of when to take biotin supplements.

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