Effective tips to sleep with curly hair 

Effective Tips To Sleep With Curly Hair 

Managing curly hair can undoubtedly turn into a time-taking chore, especially when you have to put a huge amount of effort on them every morning. A study presented in the Royal Society publishing states that the majority of damage that tends to ruin your curl patterns happens during the course of the night. Your curls start to lose their hold and pattern in between the tossing and turning, despite using deep nourishing hair masks or gels. As a consequence, you spend an excessive amount of labour in making your curls appear as decent as possible. We are certain that the daily struggle must have made you curious to find methods to preserve your curls. Well, much to your relief, we have just the way out for you. 


  • Satin pillowcase
  • Braid your hair
  • Overnight plopping
  • Put in a hair bun 
  • Pineappling

Effective techniques to sleep with curly hair

1. Satin pillowcase

Satin or silk pillowcases are simply the best way to save your curl patterns. The satin fabric helps to prevent your curls from creating frizz, knots or tangles. In fact, top hair specialists explain that satin or silk pillowcases help to prevent your curls from turning flat during the course of the night. 

2. Braid your hair

Braiding your hair is one of the easiest, effective and time-saving ways to preserve your curls overnight. Braiding your curls protects them from rubbing against your mattress sheets and clothes, thereby preventing any friction, frizz or breakage. Furthermore, this method helps to achieve a stretched curl pattern from the roots of your hair to the tips.

For extra protection, you can always consider making a french braid or multiple braids. It may consume more time than usual but it is worth the time spent. It is imperative to acknowledge that a tight braid may add crimp to your curls. So, opt for a loose braid as it will help you maintain your natural curls. You can always modify this hairstyle according to the type of curly hair you have.


  • Section your hair in 3 parts before making a 3 strands braid. 
  • Refrain from making it tight as it will lend a crimping effect to your curls.
  • Remember to position your braid on top of your head for minimum friction during the night.

3. Overnight plopping

Various research studies confirm that plopping curls overnight is one of the most widely used and popular methods with numerous positive feedbacks.  This technique helps in preventing your curls from weighing down while allowing your curls to reap all the benefits of conditioner or gel applied. Moreover, plopping your curls assists in speeding up the air-dry time while maintaining their structure and pattern.


  • Put a cotton t-shirt or a microfibre towel on a flat surface.
  • Bend and gather your hair in the middle of the fabric.
  • Bring your head closer to the fabric before wrapping the fabric around your head to keep the curls in place.
  • Tie the loose ends of the fabric to make it appear like a bonnet or turban.

4. Put in a hair bun 

A hair bun allows your curls to rest on your head without losing their curl pattern. It lends an extra volume to your hair without making them appear like a tangled mess. On top of that, making a hair bun is one of the easiest style and time-saving technique, especially after a long hectic day. 


  • Gently grab your curls on top of your head and tie them with the help of a hair tie. 
  • Remember to avoid squeezing out your curls while gathering your hair in a bun.
  • Tuck in the left tendrils behind your ears to preserve their structure. 

5. Pineappling

One of the best methods of saving your curls from getting unmanageable and frizzy overnight is to simply tie your tresses in pineapple hairstyle before turning in for the night. Many hairstylists explain that this is the best hairstyle for naturally curly hair, irrespective of the length of your curls. It helps to keep your curls and tendrils intact as the position of your pineapple hairstyle sits right on the top of your head. It protects your curls from getting squeezed in between your body and the mattress overnight, thus lending you bouncy and shiny curls for the next day. 

If you feel that your curly hair are too short for pineapple hairstyle then allow yourself to try a modified version of the pineapple hairstyle. This modified version is infamously known as multiple pineapples among various short curly hair girls. It allows you to make two or three small pineapples on top of your head instead of one. You can easily secure your curls with this hairstyle for the night without damaging them in the process. 


  • Flip your curls all over to the top of your head before gently gathering them with your fingers. 
  • Use a hair tie to make a pony-like hairstyle. 
  • Remember to use a spiral hair tie or a fabric covered hair tie instead of a normal hair tie as it helps to prevent any denting or breakage of your hair tendrils.


Effective tips to sleep with curly hair


These techniques will not only save your curls from becoming unmanageable but also help you achieve productive and stress-free mornings. If you feel ambushed or overwhelmed by the number of methods then worry not. Give yourself some time to understand the methods and try them out in your own terms. Trying one method after another will help you decide which one works best for you and your curls. 


Hair conditioning is a perfect way to ensure the pattern and hold of your curls. Many trichologists unfold that silicone-sulphate free conditioner not only manages your curls but also nourishes and hydrates them in the process. Furthermore, they help to prevent your curls from weighing down while lending a good amount of volume and depth. So, if you wish to give your curls some extra protection then consider incorporating a hair conditioner in your daily night time hair regimen. 

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