5 Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Dull Skin During Monsoon

5 Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Dull Skin During Monsoon

We understand it pretty well that as soon as the monsoon comes, skin starts reacting to the weather. One day, it's all greasy; the other, you might feel dehydrated. During monsoon humidity levels are at their peak. The excess sweat and oil build-up attracts more dirt and bacteria causing your skin to act up. Such changes make skin look dull and lackluster.

Relax. We are all sailing in the same boat. Read below to know how to maintain healthy skin and bring back that glow during the monsoon humidity. 

5 causes and easy solutions for dull skin in monsoon
1. Dead skin cell buildup

Imagine dead skin build-up and further even more blocking of pores? Your skin would break out and pores will get enlarged due to this build-up of dead skin cells.

Reason - In summers skin cell turnover is high and these dead skin cells tend to sit on the skin if not backed up by proper exfoliation.

Here is what you need, to get rid of dead skin cells. 

Solution - 

Go for gentle exfoliation. Do not go harsh on your skin, it will make it look even rough and dull. Enzymatic exfoliation is highly effective in removing dead skin cells because it does not damage the skin barrier and helps attain a brighter and healthy complexion. 

 5 Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Dull Skin During Monsoon

2. Lack of antioxidants in skin

A research article published in the National Library of Medicine has elucidated how a lack of antioxidants can cause oxidative stress leading to the death of healthy skin cells, resulting in a couple of skin concerns like premature aging signs, dullness, and whatnot. 

But feeding your skin with antioxidants helps skin repair itself. They prevent skin from environmental stress and help in maintaining youthful skin. 

Solution -
5 Reasons Why Your Skin Looks Dull In The Monsoon

3. Unprotected skin exposure 

Over time, UV damage can take a toll on your skin and its underlying connective tissues. Excessive and unprotected sun exposure motivates melanin production which in turn makes your complexion look even dull. Unprotected skin exposure will result in damaged skin cells, more fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness. In addition, it will decrease the immunity function of the skin and trigger acne. 

Solution -

Know that sunscreen is not just for sunny days. It has to be a part of your skincare regimen even if it is cloudy. Opt for a water/sweat-resistant sunscreen that does not come off easily because during monsoon you sweat a lot. Your skin shall be protected from the sun in all cases to keep it youthful and glowing. 

5 Reasons Why Your Skin Looks Dull In The Monsoon

4. Lack of moisturization

Lack of moisturization makes skin flaky, cracked, and dehydrated. Adequate hydration keeps skin soft, plump, shiny, and happy. Moisturizers keep the moisture intact hence uplifting dull skin to happy and refreshed skin. 

Solution - 

To avoid flaky, dull, and aging skin look for a moisturizer that has skin hydrating and rejuvenating properties. It will maintain the skin's moisture barrier and prevent your skin from environmental damage.  

5 Reasons Why Your Skin Looks Dull In The Monsoon

5. Air pollution and humidity

The dust and debris through which pollution manifests itself cause a lot of harm to the skin. It leads to clogging of pores, breakdown of collagen, and whatnot. Exposure to pollutants in the air leads to hyperpigmentation too because your skin tries to fight it by producing melanin and antioxidants which results in dark spots. 

In addition, pollution causes humidity and during monsoon humidity level is already at its peak. Your skin and hair both undergo severe changes. 

Here’s how to protect your skin from environmental pollution and humidity 

Solution - 
  • Antioxidants enriched  Vitamin C serums  in AM/PM regimen

 Vitamin C in serum form works as a super skin healer and protector.  Its key benefits include -

  • Delivers antioxidants to the skin to fight free radicals 
  • Great in hydrating skin and boosting collagen leading to maintaining the elasticity of the skin
  • Balances out the melanin production to prevent hyperpigmentation
  • Boosts natural radiance and glow of the skin

For AM regimen -

Before you step out of your house in the morning make sure your skincare routine has Vitamin C in it.  If applied before sunscreen, it doubles the sun protection and reduces the risk of photoaging, hyperpigmentation, and much more.

Vitamin C derivatives like L Ascorbic Acid,  Ethyl Ascorbic acid, and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate are worth considering for the morning routine.

For PM regimen - 

New generation vitamin C derivative like Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate offers wonderful skin rejuvenation during the night.

  • A complete night skin care regimen

During the night your face is most receptive to absorbing ingredients from products. It gets the chance to undo the damage, rejuvenate, and create new cells. So it is extremely important to follow a solid skincare routine to remove all traces of dirt and old makeup and unveil a refreshed, radiant and plump skin the next morning. 

The tip is to go step by step. 

  1. Cleanse gently to get rid of grime and dirt deposited on the skin throughout the day 
  2. Use an alcohol-free toner to give a deep cleanse to your pores 
  3. Use a lightweight moisturizer to lock in the moisture

Note - 

Update your night skincare regimen with retinol cream to maintain a youthful glow and treat skin concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, and other visible signs of aging. It stimulates the production of new collagen fibers that have anti-aging effects. In addition, it helps restore plumpness and rejuvenates the skin. 

Protected, healthy, and happy skin is your way!

5 Reasons Why Your Skin Looks Dull In The Monsoon


We understand the rising skincare concerns during monsoon season. It is suggested to take necessary precautions to maintain skin hygiene and follow your skincare routine morning and night with consistency. Use non-comedogenic products to keep your skin’s pores unclogged and breathable. Following the above-mentioned solutions will help you fight the dullness and bring your healthy glow back. 



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