This SPF infused CC Cream will replace your foundation

This SPF infused CC cream will replace your foundation

My husband did not have to wait for me to get ready. 

“Are you kidding? How did you manage to put on everything (layers and layers of makeup) so quickly?” My husband was still amusingly shocked. 

“I was as quick as a wink!”. I said and winked!

Actually, I was done with the whole idea of wearing so many products that always ended up with a cakey and heavy look. Don’t get me wrong when I use the term ‘makeup’. To elaborate in a subjective way, I always used makeup to cover my blemishes and uneven toned skin. But as said, it was heavy and time consuming. 

And if you are also experiencing the same, here’s my very detailed experience with foundation and the ultimate one stop solution I switched to!

What is a foundation?

Foundation as you also know has been a conventional product in the makeup arsenal with different textures varying from dewy to matte. And just like that, a few years ago a friend, who is a makeup artist, suggested that I use foundation to conceal the uneven skin tone.

Since then, I always considered foundation as my skin savior. It definitely has excellent coverage until you find the perfect shade! Along with this, a foundation is a single-tasking product. This implies that it will only and only work up to give coverage with a huge shade range available. Nothing more nothing less. 

Although there are a number of variants available in the market with SPF or other ingredients like vitamin E, personally, they have not worked for me to their full potential. For I have been there and done that! 

To get a perfect outcome, you need to have a perfect base with moisturizer, primer and concealer and then foundation followed by blending and adding loose powder and then you need to find space for sunscreen as well! Just a glimpse of everyday hassle. I always ended up with a cakey and if I dare to say, plastered look with hints of dark skin around the creases of the mouth. 

This made me search for a multitasking yet time saver skincare alternative to a foundation. Here’s what I found- a Sun CC Cream!

What is SPF infused CC Cream? 

This advanced formula has swayed me! 

You might feel I’m exaggerating a bit, but this new-age multipurpose product deserves it. I came to know SPF infused CC Cream while surfing on YouTube. I watched a few of the videos introducing this cream but I was unaware and uninformed of the same. So I dug in more. This is what I learnt which finally convinced me to buy it. 

A C.C. cream is ‘color corrector’ cream. As the name suggests, it helps in correcting and concealing the uneven skin tone besides the blemishes/ hyperpigmentation or dark spots. It gives you a balanced and neutralized tone. It is just a lighter version of a foundation, but offers an optimum coverage with a limited shade range. In addition, SPF infused CC Cream cut down all the hassale of finding space for sunscreen in the regime. 

Now I am revealing what exactly about a Sun C C Cream swayed me! This cream is a one stop solution for your everyday on the go makeup look with optimum sun protection. Yes, this is why and how I surprised my husband by getting ready quickly! It has moisturizing, concealing and sun protecting properties. So, no more bases and loose powders to add on. 

A good C.C. cream is non-comedogenic and has skin-calming ingredients like Butylene Glycol & Citrus Reticulata Fruit Extract / Calmnerv CR. This natural plant source ingredient  that not only calms but also nourishes by covering up the blotchiness and redness on the skin. It shall give you moisturising effects as well, Glycerin is a worthy skin-hydrating ingredient. Cherry on the cake is that it is also loaded with decent SPF; generally 30 to 50 and effective sunscreen filters like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide with PA +++ or more. Now the sunscreen is needed only on hands and arms! 

So, now you might feel the exaggeration and excitement is justified!

Why choose CC Cream with SPF over foundation

Here, the question which arises is “why should you consider or choose CC Cream with SPF over a foundation?”

I am not saying you should immediately replace everything with just a C.C. Cream. Using foundation and makeup products may be a choice for many. But for people like me, who are always short on time, whose partners are complaining for the time taken to get ready (yet they might end up cooperating with us annoyingly), who are done with makeup layers and who want to give their skin as well as their pockets a rest, C.C. Creams are saviors!

A lot more hassle free application with a natural and on the go makeup look, and helping the skin in longer with their moisturizing and anti-aging properties and lightweight formulation is offered by C.C. Creams. 

Foundations with a heavy coverage can be the instant mask for the uneven toned skin, but in the long run, it might end up giving more blemishes. On the other hand, C.C. Creams are designed to be used daily. 

Another reason why I switched to C.C. Creams is that if and when it comes off, I can reapply it in a minute. I do not have to convince my partner to wait for me or stop the car to let me work on layers and reset my makeup!


With my experience, I can tell you that with so many options available in the market in the realm of skincare, it is easy to get confused. And so has been the case with CC Creams and foundations. Whatever you choose, it solely depends on your needs and requirements. For a heavier coverage, foundation can be your choice. However, If you need a fine and subtle coverage for dark spots and redness, but do not want to go heavy on layers, go for Sun C.C. Creams. They can solve half of your relationship problems as well! Trust me!