Skin Problems Due to Mobile Phones

Skin Problems Due to Mobile Phones

Most of us start our day by checking our mobile phones. Our day cannot start until and unless we scroll through Instagram, facebook, twitter, and other social networks. Since we are becoming more and more dependent on them on a daily basis, the fact that there are a lot of side effects of cell phones becomes negligible for us. But what about the damage it causes to our skin? What about the wrinkles and aging effect that is visible on our skin due to the HEV light and Infrared rays (IR) which are emitted by our cell phones and laptops.

If we even try to leave our phones away for some time, we start getting unusual, restless, and anxious. This is a disease called nomophobia i.e. no mobile phobia. We are still unaware of the disease we are suffering from. Now let us look at some other skin problems caused due to mobile phones.

Effects of Cell Phones

1. Dark Circles

When our eyes are forced to look at the brightly lighted screen of our mobile phones in the darkroom, it becomes difficult for the brain and mind to relax. Since our body knows when it is time to rest, relax and get into the sleeping mode, it becomes uncomfortable as it is taken up with more stimulation. Just ignoring a couple of WhatsApp texts, postponing the plan to visit Facebook and Instagram feed till next day will save you from the dark circles and help you in keeping your skin healthy and well rested.

2. Acne

Reports have told that your cell phone has 25,000 germs per square inch. When your skin comes in touch with your cell phones, the germs get easily transferred to your skin leading to an outbreak of acne. It is also studied that the toilet seat contains fewer bacteria as compared to cell phones. THINK!! YOU ARE IN DANGER. In order to avoid the skin problems caused due to mobile phones, you should clean your cell phones with antibacterial wipes and make sure to avoid touch with your phones as much as possible.

3. Phone-Induced Pigmentation

Mobile phones tend to get heated up when used for a certain period of time. When they are touched to your skin (during phone calls) while being warm, they tend to affect the melanin production in your skin which causes dark spots and uneven skin tone. You must avoid long phone calls and stay in touch with your cell phone as much as possible in order to stay away from the effects of cell phones.

4. Mobile Phone Dermatitis

Skin inflammation is known as dermatitis. According to recent studies, it occurs when your skin turns red, or swelling, blistering, or itching happens as a result of holding the cell phone close to the skin. Dermatitis can occur on the cheekbones, near the ear, on hands, jaws, and everywhere it touches. Therefore, you must try to avoid direct contact with cell phones to avoid phone radiation.

5. Premature Wrinkles

Nowadays, people have started having problems like crow’s feet around eyes in their 20’s itself. Glueing our eyes to the phone screen causes wrinkles as we squint to read on the small screen. This causes vertical furrows in between the brows and even under the chin and around the neck.

Phone Radiation

Of course, nobody would prefer to stay away from cell phones which help us in connecting to our loved ones even though they are geographically far away. Cell phones have not only given a death blow to our landline phones but they have also made us part our ways with our wristwatches and wall clocks to quite a great extent. Well, till here it is fine; but we should think about our skin as well. It’s high time that we start taking precautions to protect ourselves from the skin problems caused due to mobile phones.