How To Choose The Right Moisturizer For Acne Prone Skin Type? Read This

How To Choose The Right Moisturizer For Acne Prone Skin Type? Read This

If in a skincare routine for acne prone skin type there is one thing that you cannot and must not omit, it is a moisturizer.

Of course, people with oily skin think adding a moisturizer to the regimen will simply fan the flames. But the lesser known fact says that even an oily acne prone skin needs regular moisturization with the right moisturizer.  

Sharlena Hassani, a certified esthetician suggests that “no matter who you are, no matter what your skin type, you need a moisturizer in your routine.”

Read along to know with us how to choose that right moisturizer for your acne-prone skin type.

Before anything, identify your acne prone skin type

You might be aware of your acne prone skin. But little do you know that acne can develop on all acne prone skin- 

  • oily,
  • even dry
  • and combination as well!

Therefore, don’t be surprised if your dermatologist recommends you to moisturize even when you have extra oils on your face or if it is a dry tight skin with acne on it.

Why is moisturizer important for acne prone skin?

Whenever you skipped moisturizer for a day or two, you might have observed acne on your face later. And even the skin feels tight  and uneasy. 

Well, a dehydrated skin kickstarts excess oil production in sebaceous glands to compensate for the lack of moisture. The extra sebum produced clogs the pores causing painful acne and breakouts. 

This is why, in order to avoid the silos of extra oil in the skin triggering acne, it is advised to keep the skin moisturized, even the oily or dry one!

It is always fruitful to invest in the right moisturizer for acne prone skin as it tends to be specifically sensitive. 

And hey, we won’t let you stand and stare at the crossroads while you think which moisturizer will suit your oily acne prone skin. What are we here for?! Let's get started. 

Moisturizer for oily acne prone skin

Oil glands are exceptionally active in oily acne prone skin types. And the ones who have this type, run away from moisturizer thinking it would aggravate acne. 

But let’s clear this misconception as discussed earlier, ignoring moisturization can hype the acne more. Treat your skin with the best moisturizer for acne prone skin and below is the guide. 

Here’s what you should look for in the right moisturizer

1. Gel based texture

To suit your requirements, an oily acne prone skin moisturizer should be lightweight. This indicates that it must have a gel-based texture. 

Such a texture can easily penetrate into the layers of the skin to quench its thirst and regulate sebum production.  

2. Oil controlling properties

Having a hydrating skin is one thing and having an oily skin is another. Your moisturizer should hydrate your already oily skin and not trigger extra oils. 

So look for the moisturizer that says “oil-free” or “non-greasy”. This will regulate sebaceous glands and avoid breakouts and shiny looking skin.

3. Mineral oil and paraben free

Always look at the ingredients of the moisturizer before buying. Avoid the ones with Mineral oils and Parabens. These are heavy ingredients and cause pore congestion. And we know congested pores lead to inflamed zits and acne on the skin. 

4. Non-Comedogenic

Recipients of oily acne prone skin should always and always go for skincare products and moisturizers in particular that are non comedogenic.

Such products avoid clogged pores and minimize the possibility of acne formation on skin.

Some best ingredients to look for in oily acne prone skin moisturizer
1. Saccharide Isomerate

This particular ingredient is plant-based and acts like a vegan version of hyaluronic acid. It has great hydrating properties to be included in a moisturizer for acne prone skin.

2. Niacinamide (serums)

Most of you know Niacinamide is known for its anti-inflammatory properties to calm the redness of the skin. Simultaneously, it can reduce the acne spots by making them visibly  light by clearing the pores off bacteria with its antimicrobial properties.

It is available in a variety of versions like toner, serums and even as an active ingredient in moisturizer. 

3. Cydonia Oblonga Leaf Extracts

It can be a great ingredient for an oily skin as it regulates the oil production and reduces the appearance of oily shine on your face. 

Also, with its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties, it can be a boon for the oily acne prone skin type people. 

Moisturizer for combination acne prone skin

In the combination acne prone skin, all you have is an oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) while the rest area is dry/normal type. So, you need to choose a balanced moisturizer for your skin that targets both dry and oily skin areas.

1. Lightweight and non- greasy in properties

In a moisturizer for the combination acne prone skin, it is imperative to note that it should not feel so heavy on the skin. A lightweight moisturizer that can easily percolate the layers of the skin and nourish it. 

Also, when you have an oily T-zone, you might as well get a shiny and greasy cast around that area. So to avoid that you should go for a moisturizer with non-greasy texture.

Some great ingredients to look for in Moisturizer for combination acne prone skin
1. Alpha bisabolol

It is a plant-driven oil known for its medicinal properties. It is an active element of Chamomile. Alpha bisabolol is used for its anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and anti-microbial properties in cosmetics. 

It can work best as an ingredient in a moisturizer for the oily areas on the skin while replenishing the dry areas and making them supple. 

2. Alpha Hydroxy Acids

AHAs like glycolic acid are the most commonly used ingredients in skincare products these days. With their acne fighting properties, exfoliating abilities and promoting collagen production, AHAs are really trending. 

3. Betaine

This ingredient hydrates the skin gently, thus improving its appearance. Betaine also helps the skin maintain its moisture level making it a suitable component for moisturizer for combination skin

Moisturizer for dry acne prone skin

Acne is usually associated with oily skin, whereas dry skin which is also dehydrated can get acne as well. So, to counter this condition, you must choose the right moisturizer that can boost hydration and control extra production of oils activating acne.

1. Formula rich in texture

The ultimate goal for dry acne prone skin is to get and lock plenty of moisture. To achieve this, you must pick a moisturizer that is rich in texture. 

To put it simply, the rich texture is nothing but creams that are dense with a lot of hydrating components in it to heal that flaky and dry skin.   

2. Packed with humectants

Shuting Hu, B.Sc, Ph.D, a cosmetic chemist recommends humectants as an important ingredient to hydrate skin. Humectants draw in moisture to the skin and are one of the most common components of any moisturizer. 

3. Barrier repairing and restoring properties

Dry skin quickly loses its moisture and easily gets damaged from the outer layers. Consequently, the skin barrier needs to be repaired. 

So, go for a moisturizer for dry acne prone skin that protects your skin barrier and restores it by boosting hydration.

Some best ingredients to look for in moisturizer for dry acne prone skin
1. Ceramides

Ceramides are the naturally occurring fatty acids in the skin barrier. They aid in fortifying protective barrier. Since dry acne prone skin is a symptom of damaged skin protective barrier. This allows increased transepidermal water loss and poor water retention which manifests in forms of breakouts, inflammation and flakiness.

And ceramides enhance the water retention to keep skin plump, hydrated, and irritation free. You need this as a moisturizing ingredient that helps to repair your skin barrier.

2. Lactic acid

Moisturizers packed with lactic acid help to nourish and hydrate the skin. This ingredient also  acts as a mild and gentle exfoliant for the skin. It works on the surface of the skin to decongest the pores, boost skin renewal, and improve skin hydration. 

3. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid offers many impressive benefits for all skin types. When applied topically, it provides intense hydration to skin, making it look plump and smooth.  Its additional 

benefits include reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by improving skin firmness and elasticity.

A long run myth about acne revolves around only oily skin. But it is time that we debunk this myth now wherein other skin types are likely prone to acne too. Another misconception is that adding moisturizer to oily and acne prone skin will only trigger acne more and more. But as discussed earlier, there is no place for such a type of misconception.  

Acne prone skin is sensitive and it is always best to be aware before buying products. 



A good and consistent skincare routine never fails you. And the steps you follow in your regimen plays an important part in the health of your skin. Since acne prone skin is quite sensitive, the skincare regimen for the same also needs to be specifically curated as it requires tender care. So choose the products that do not go harsh on your skin. 

Have a healthy and healed skin!