Treatments for Thyroid Effects on Hair and Skin

Natural Treatments for Thyroid Effects on Hair and Skin

The thyroid is a gland in the neck which secretes hormones to maintain the rate of metabolism in order to regulate the growth and development of the body. The two types of thyroid are hypothyroid and hyperthyroid. If you have low thyroid i.e. hypothyroid, your skin will look dry and rough, your hands and feet may turn yellow, your hair may become coarse and brittle, eyebrow hair will start to fall down, whereas, on the other hand, if you have hyperthyroid, you will sweat excessively, and will have a wet and clammy skin all the time.

Our skin is not directly affected by the thyroid but by the thyroid gland which has thyroid stimulating hormone to secrete the thyroid hormone receptor. If the testosterone is low due to low thyroid due to poor thyroid functioning, the sebum production will be affected which will make the skin unhealthy and oily. So, it is very important to ensure that your thyroid gland is working properly.

 List of Natural Treatments for Effects of Thyroid on Hair and Skin

1.    Eat Well

The first and the foremost natural treatments for thyroid effects on hair and skin is nutrition which is very important in case of maintaining the normal working of the thyroid gland. You must avoid fatty foods which affect your blood-sugar levels as they can cause mineral imbalance and inflammation. You must eat foods which have proteins like seafood, veggies, healthy fat which is grass fed like ghee, butter etc.

Nutrients like Vitamin B 7 and b Complex, zinc, copper, iron, vitamin C, E, A, etc. are very important for the thyroid gland to function normally. Do not take a lot of vitamins as that may lead to hair thinning. So, you must maintain a balanced diet.

2.    Exercise

Whether you are fit or unfit, never skip exercising. No matter what, exercising keeps your body fit and healthy and maintains the metabolic and heart rate. Lack of exercising will mostly result in poor functioning of the thyroid gland. Exercising is, therefore, a very natural treatment for thyroid effects on hair and skin.

3.    Salt Intake

Hypothyroid is mostly caused due to deficiency of salt in the body. Iodine is very important for the body. Most of the times, the reason for thyroid is the deficiency of iodine. So, you must ensure that the intake of iodine/salt is proper in your body because it is very necessary for the thyroid stimulating hormone.

4.    Iron deficiency

Iron must be boosted in your body as it is associated with ferritin level. If the ferritin level goes down, then you will start to notice a patterned hair loss. Research says that ferritin level can be affected if the thyroid gland does not work properly.

5.    Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Foods like ginger, turmeric will improve your endocrine function. Since the thyroid is a part of the endocrine gland, it is also affected by the same. Adding turmeric and ginger will not only enhance your taste but also help your body system function properly and will act as a natural treatment for thyroid effects on hair and skin.

6.    Essential Oils

There are certain oils which the researchers consider to be necessary for saving your hair from falling out like eucalyptus oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil etc. Application of such oils on your skin and hair will help you in regrowth of hair with good quality and a healthy and glowing skin.

Improve Thyroid Function

However, hair fall occurs only when the thyroid is extremely severe. Apart from the above points, you should have a good sleep and make sure that you master your emotions to get positive effects of thyroid on hair and skin. Once you know how to control your emotions, half of your problems will be solved because believing in something makes it come true. Moreover, you should treat your hair nicely with soft hands and brush and have patience until your treatment is going on.