Effective Ways To Treat Itchy Scalp In Winters

Effective Ways To Treat Itchy Scalp In Winters


Does your scalp itch more during winters? The never-ending feeling of scratching the itch residing in your scalp not only gives you an overwhelming and irritable sensation but also implies a fear of social settings. Furthermore, it also affects your confidence and self-image. Leading trichologists explain that during winters the air is drier- both indoor and outdoor comparatively. The dry air tends to snatch any moisture present in your scalp, thereby making your scalp extremely itchy. In addition, a recent study unfolds that a number of factors like dryness, poor flow of air to the head etc have also shown an increase in itching, mainly during winters.

Effective methods

  • Upgrade your shampoo
  • Frequent oil treatments
  • Avoid using styling tools
  • Go easy on hair treatments
  • Try a hair mask

Effective Ways To Treat Itchy Scalp In Winters

1. Upgrade your shampoo

Shampooing your scalp and manes in one of the most essential steps, irrespective of your scalp type or concerns. Leading trichologists unravel that a good anti-dandruff shampoo helps in lessening any itching or inflammation caused during winters without drying off your scalp or manes. Moreover, it helps in treating any fungal infections, thereby curing the dandruff and helping you attain healthy and clean scalp. Recent studies elaborate that an anti-dandruff shampoo containing key ingredients like Lemon, Ivy and sage deliver best results when curbing the white flakes and dryness present. 



2. Frequent oil treatments

Did you know that providing enough nourishment and hydration to your scalp and hair can effectively help you lessen the itchiness and dryness caused during winters? According to a research study conducted in 2002, using an essential oil such as tea tree along with coconut oil helps to treat dandruff and itchy scalp. Furthermore, together these oils help in treating any scalp inflammation while improving your scalp health, significantly. 

3. Avoid using styling tools

Constant usage of heating tools can take a toll on your scalp and hair health while aggravating your scalp conditions, significantly. An article published by the Annals of Dermatology has elaborated that the repetitive usage of thermal tools can cause severe damage to your hair cuticles. To put it simply, constant itchiness can likely make the scalp extremely vulnerable and sensitive. The use of heat and styling tools such as curling irons, hair dryers will not only aggravate your sensitive scalp but also lead to more hair and scalp woes like dandruff, hair loss etc. Which is why you should consider the air-drying method to prevent heat damaged hair and scalp. 

4. Go easy on hair treatments 

Frequent hair dyeing and salon trips can likely elevate, if not, cause scalp and hair conditions like itching, dandruff etc. As a consequence, many specialists advise on cutting back such treatments for a while and sticking to the effective hair care routine, instead. Doing so helps in preventing any scalp or hair woes while ensuring a healthy scalp. 

5. Try a hair mask

A hair mask not only uplifts your hair condition but also provides additional nourishment to your scalp. Various trichologists disclose the importance of using a hair mask for treating the constant itchiness and boosting your hair health. Pea protein and Ceramide are some of the popular and effective ingredients present in a hair mask. Together these wonder ingredients make a dynamic duo that not only treats dry and brittle hair but also offers optimum hydration to your scalp.  


Effective Ways To Treat Itchy Scalp In Winters


Staying consistent and vigilant with your scalp and  hair care routine will help you treat any concerns while maintaining your scalp integrity. Furthermore, it will assist in preventing any forthcoming scalp or hair woes such as hair loss, dandruff etc. On the other hand, neglecting your scalp and hair concerns will only aggravate your condition while inviting more woes. As a result, we would advise you to stay devoted to your routine while taking necessary precautions for healthy scalp and manes.



Certified experts reveal that a dandruff lotion is a vital scalp care product to include in your everyday routine. It helps to treat itchiness alongside dandruff while boosting your scalp and hair integrity. The experts recommend looking for an anti-dandruff lotion containing some active ingredients like Bisabolol, Piroctone Olamine etc. The potent ingredients help in maintaining the pH level of your scalp while offering soothing properties.