What Is The Importance Of Using A Moisturiser 

What Is The Importance Of Using A Moisturiser 


With a myriad of new skin care regimes and trends being introduced in the market, it is easy to feel blasé about certain basic skin care steps, like something as simple as applying moisturiser. Many people do not understand the importance of moisturiser and the kind of effects that the lack of it will have on the skin. A study conducted in 2005 explains the numerous other benefits of moisturisation for your skin, aside from treating dryness. So, whilst you are eager to try new skin care trends and products, it is pivotal to fulfil the basic requirements of your skin on an everyday basis. 

Aftermath of avoiding a moisturiser

  • Premature ageing
  • Layer of protection is compromised
  • Makeup looks patchy
  • Excessive dryness
  • Clogged pores
What Is The Importance Of Using A Moisturiser 

1. Premature ageing

Everyone wants to preserve their youthfulness for as long as possible. However, many do not acknowledge that skipping moisturiser is what is going to make the skin age quickly. If one applies moisturiser regularly, skin aging will happen slowly and the need to cover aged skin with makeup and artificial remedies will never arise. So, it is pertinent to moisturise your skin well by using a good moisturiser to prevent any signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines etc.  

2. Layer of protection is compromised

Leading specialists claim that a good moisturiser provides a good layer of protection to your skin. Skipping the moisturiser means you do not have a layer of protection between the environmental stressors and your skin. Thus, your skin is directly exposed and vulnerable to all the ill effects of harsh sun, pollution and other impurities in the environment. Applying a non-comedogenic moisturiser will keep your skin protected as well as healthy. 

3. Makeup looks patchy

Does your skin often end up looking extremely patchy and dry after applying makeup? The primary reason behind patchiness and dryness is the lack of moisturisation. Skin that is properly moisturised is prepped for the makeup thus, making your makeup appear natural and flawless.

4. Excessive dryness

If the skin is not moisturised and hydrated then the dryness can attack your skin and make it appear extremely flakey and itchy. Even if you have oily skin and feel that you don’t need moisturiser, you must keep in mind that even oily skin can get dry sometimes due to the weather and hormonal fluctuations. In such situations the only effective rescue is a good moisturiser.

5. Clogged Pores

Clogged pores are usually the result of oily skin. However, numerous studies reveal that dry skin types can also experience clogged pores. In concordance with the studies, when your is too dry, the dead skin cells can build up and clog your skin pores. Moisturising your skin helps to prevent it while keeping your skin supple and healthy. 





Top experts unravel some of the main ingredients to look for in a moisturiser. Hyaluronic and ceramides are some of the key ingredients present in a moisturiser for dry skin. Together these ingredients offer rich skin hydration and relief from itching & inflammation while creating a protective barrier. Furthermore, they help to keep your skin moist and supple by offering long-lasting moisturisation, thus, reducing the appearance of fine lines and signs of aging on your skin.