How to Apply Sunscreen with Makeup

How to Apply Sunscreen with Makeup

Sunscreen is a wear-it-all-day cream. The thumb rule with sunscreen is that you have to wear it throughout the day even when there is no sun and you have to wear it on a daily basis. Well, when it comes to how to apply sunscreen with makeup, a lot of questions pop up in our mind like:

•    When should we apply sunscreen?

•    Will sunscreen be effective if applied under the foundation?

•    Will it spoil the effect of foundation if applied afterwards?

•    Is the SPF in the foundation as effective as a normal sunscreen?

•    How can I re-apply sunscreen over makeup?

Well, the list of questions can go on and on. Let us clear our doubts together and learn how to apply sunscreen with makeup.

How to Select a Good Sunscreen for Face

SPF i.e. Sun Protection Factor is a must application on a daily basis as the harmful UV rays from the Sun can affect your skin by penetrating deep into your skin and causing age spots, sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and even skin cancer. Sunscreens contain certain agents which help in blocking these harmful rays and thus, protecting our skin. SPF 30 is the minimum you must use. Also, it is important to note that your sunscreen must be free from Oxybenzone and OMC which are two most widely used dangerous chemical agents as they not only disturb the aquatic life but can also cause skin cancer.

Learn how to select a good sunscreen for face here.

Well, applying a sunscreen which is specifically formulated for facial skin under the foundation will be effective. If you choose the right sunscreen, it will never make your face look cakey and will also be very light to wear.

Are you thinking that your foundation or moisturizer contains SPF so that must be enough to protect your skin from the sun? Well, in this case, we would not suggest you rely on them. They are the most unreliable sources of protection and can be easily worn off as well. Moreover, most of the times, people don’t apply makeup evenly on their skin. To add to this, sunscreen also provides a better base for the foundation to set in so, it is always a better option to apply a sunscreen before applying the foundation.

Steps to apply sunscreen before makeup:

1.    Wash, tone, and moisturize.

2.    Apply sunscreen and spread it over your face, neck as well as ears.

3.    Apply primer followed by foundation.

4.    Do makeup as per your need and wishes.

5.    End up with a setting spray to let the makeup stay on for a longer duration.

Steps to Apply/Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup:

Before you learn how to apply sunscreen with makeup you must know that sunscreen can last up to 6 hours if one isn’t getting wet or sweating. Else, you must apply it after every 2 hours. You must know that there are two types of sunscreens:

1.    Chemical sunscreen: one which prevents the Sun rays from hitting the skin by absorbing the rays.

2.    Physical sunscreen: one which creates a physical barrier between the skin and the Sun.

Since we apply chemical sunscreen before makeup, and it is supposed to be spread properly all over the face, it cannot be applied over the makeup. Physical sunscreen comes in different forms and it has to be applied in this case. Let us know how you can reapply sunscreen over makeup.

1.    Setting powder: apply sunscreen by taking the powder on a wide brush.

2.    Spray: Spray sunscreen all over your face.

3.    Compact Powder: apple compact powder which comes with SPF.

4.    Translucent Powder: This is the best if you do not wish to change even a pinch in your make up. Apply the one which comes with SPF.


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