Sunscreen While Wearing Makeup

How To Apply Reapply Sunscreen While Wearing Makeup

How To Apply Reapply Sunscreen While Wearing Makeup  -  It is important to apply sunscreen to protect your skin against the risk of sunburn¸ premature ageing, tanning, and certain types of skin cancer. But, a lot of people get confused with the correct way to apply sunscreen while going for an occasion, office, or any get together. One thought that usually pops up in the mind of makeup lovers is that applying sunscreen over the foundation can create a mess. Know about why you should use sunscreen

Below are listing some tips that help you to use Sunscreen while wearing makeup -

1. Before putting makeup, apply sunscreen

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The habit of applying sunscreen before the makeup is going to benefit your skin in the long run. Before you start with your makeup, apply sunscreen all over the face including both sides of cheeks, ears, neck, and forehead. Instead of rubbing the sunscreen on your face, lightly pat it on to avoid any skin irritation. Wait for some time and let your sunscreen to get absorbed in the skin before beginning with your makeup.

2. Use a tinted moisturizer with SPF

Using a tinted moisturizer with SPF is a better option for people with sensitive skin. The major advantage of a tinted moisturizer over foundation is that it forms a thin layer and does not look cakey. In addition, it evens out the complexion along with offering moisturization and hydration to the skin.

Alternatively, people with normal and healthy skin can also go for foundation. Apply foundation all over the face and spread it evenly, before proceeding with further makeup.

3. Setting spray to complete your look

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A setting spray with SPF is the final step that provides added protection to the skin without spoiling your makeup. Along with this, it keeps the makeup intact for extended hours. You can use a setting spray all over the face and neck.

Mostly dermatologists recommend that it is important to reapply sunscreen after every 2-3 hours. Once the makeup is done, the next concern that arises is that how to apply sunscreen over the makeup without running your look.

4. Use a powder sunscreen over your makeup

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Consider using a powder sunscreen over your makeup as it will prevent the sun from reaching your skin. Another benefit of powder sunscreen is that it does not destroy or smudge your makeup.  Take a tinted SPF powder and with the help of brush spread it all over the face area. Furthermore, nothing could be better than these powders to get a perfect look in humid days.

5. Opt  for spray sunscreen

Spray sunscreen is another good option to protect your skin from UV rays. However, it does not offer the protection to skin as compared to lotions and creams. You have to spread sunscreen all over the face.

6. Use a Tinted Compact With SPF

Another option is to carry a tinted compact with SPF for touch-ups throughout the day. It is always advisable to use a water resistant and broad spectrum compact.

7. Mineral foundation powder with SPF

Opting for a mineral foundation powder with SPF is a wiser choice if you are going to stay outdoors for longer duration. In this case, applying a mineral makeup powder offers complete sun protection to all the areas of the face including the neck.

Apply sunscreen under the makeup

The depletion of the ozone layer clearly indicates that we are at a greater risk of sun damage from harmful UV rays. Not just a sunny day demands for sun protection, but, even on cloudy days, it is mandatory to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays damage the skin cells which lead to wrinkles, age spots, and hyperpigmentation, whereas UVB rays being more harmful can cause sunburn and increases the risk of skin cancer.

Some people believe that one-time sunscreen application is enough before going outdoors, but it is a fact that a single application does not provide full day protection to your skin. As per FDA, use of sunscreen along with few more preventive measures can help to prevent skin cancer and keep your skin younger. Know more about How to Use Sunscreen With Makeup





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