Can sunscreen replace primer

Can sunscreen replace primer - Beauty emanates from within and no amount of makeup can do that for you. The only things you need to wear well are confidence and a smile on your face.  It is commendable that skin care is receiving more attention over makeup. Still, makeup is an integral part of many working women’s daily routine.  The purpose of wearing makeup may vary for different individuals, for example, some may layer foundation to look professional, some may aspire to hide the facial flaws like acne, scars, zits or blemishes or some may strive for even skin tone. Generally, makeup order follows the moisturizer, primer, concealer, and foundation.  Primer is a much-required thing as it helps to retain your foundation during stretched durations. It is all about base to get your makeup in the correct order. However, since your skin is regularly exposed to sun which increases the risk of premature aging, wrinkles, sunspots, and even skin cancer. It becomes absolutely imperative to provide your skin with sun protection.  It is very easy to add sunscreen to your makeup routine.


Can I mix sunscreen with primer?

As per experts, SPF value may reduce when sunscreen is mixed with a primer or any other skin care product. To add to this, it also reduces the effectiveness of your primer to stay intact for longer durations.  Hence, to cover the facial skin flaws and to provide the maximum protection from UV spectrum, solo application of sunscreen and primer is needed on skin.

Can sunscreen work as a primer?

Adding too many layers on the skin can only end up with a cakey, creasy, and clone face. To reduce the layering of multiple products, ultra-matte sunscreens work well as a primer. Incredible mattifying properties of such sunscreen make them an ideal base for foundation under makeup. Fixing the foundation from breaking up during sun exposure and humidity is another challenge many women face usually. Ultra-matte sunscreens that come with water and sweat resistant properties are very good to keep the foundation adhere to skin.

What is sunscreen primer for oily skin?

Oily skin is prone to breakouts and most of available sunscreens feel heavy on oily skin which makes many women with oily skin avoiding them completely. Hence, they require a mattifying and non-pore clogging base to neutralize the effects of oil on the skin along with sun protection.  Non-greasy, non-sticky, non-comedogenic sunscreen with low penetration filters not only help to retain makeup on your face even in heat and humidity but also prevent pore blockage or any allergic reaction to the skin. Hence, water-resistant sunscreens are very good primer for people with oily skin.

 How to prevent frequent makeup application?

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Women feel anxious about how to fix foundation from breaking up while stepping out of home with makeup face. In this heat and humidity, walking through footpath or taking local transport can make you sweat which is enough to run your makeup through your cheeks. Therefore, working women prefer to do makeup after reaching office.  Moreover, during the day hours, women need to redo their makeup because of makeup cracking. However, with using the right tricks and makeup products, there is no need for frequent makeup application. Makeup stays on face completely depends upon how you started your day. Using just the right kind of base while prepping your skin guarantees your makeup to perform well throughout the day. In this case,

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