Everything You Need To Know About Borage Seed Oil

Everything You Need To Know About Borage Seed Oil


As the skin care industry walks further down the road towards introducing new skin care trends, it comes as no surprise when the conventional skin care ingredients and regimes are no longer the primary choices. Whether you are a rookie in skin care or an expert, keeping up with the sheer volume of skin care ingredients can be daunting. However, it shouldn’t cease you from meticulously finding the concoctions which could successfully improve your skin health. In fact, according to numerous studies, the exhaustive amount of skin care options available in the market has only spiked the interests of skin care-curious individuals. 

Interestingly enough, one such potent ingredient known as “Borage Seed Oil” has captured the undivided attention of numerous skin care enthusiasts. What’s more, the excellent properties and benefits that this ingredient brings along have been making big waves in the skin care industry and rightfully so, earned the tag of ‘golden elixir for skin’. 

What is borage seed oil?

A research article issued in 2015 revealed that borage oil is a type of omega-6 fatty acid that is extracted from the seeds of Borago officinalis plant. It is also popularly known as ‘starflower’ due to its alluring star-shaped flowers that partners the red stems. The article further elaborates that this potent ingredient is infused with a fatty substance known as gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Similarly, another study has found that borage seed oil contains double the amount of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) as compared to any other extracts such as primrose oil.

Can borage seed oil treat dry skin?

A recent study published in the National Library of Medicine has found an impressive amount of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in borage seed oil. The research study further reveals that these incredible properties help in treating dry skin and dry patches effectively. Furthermore, this gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)-containing essential oil has also shown notable benefits while curbing atopic dermatitis. 

Additional benefits

  • Fights inflammation 
  • Cure and prevents acne
  • Improves skin health
  • Lends anti-ageing effects


Everything You Need To Know About Borage Seed Oil

1. Fights inflammation 

Does your skin often suffer through skin inflammation? The relentless itching, redness and swelling that skin inflammation brings along, not only gives you a hard time handling it but also impacts your appearance. A recent study elaborates that burning, stinging, redness, blisters, thickened and cracked skin are some of the symptoms associated with skin inflammation. This is where the need of borage seed oil becomes apparent. Leading dermatologists and skin specialists reveal that the anti-inflammatory properties present in borage seed oil help to treat skin inflammation effectively. To add to this, borage oil also helps in improving and strengthening your skin barrier, thereby helping you obtain healthy and radiant skin

2. Treats and prevent acne

The unanticipated appearance of acne and pimples can become a hassle. Numerous studies unfold that the production of excessive sebum (oil), clogged pores, harsh skin care ingredients and hormones are some of the main culprits behind sudden breakouts. The gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) present in borage seed oil balances and regulates the pH level of your skin which helps in preventing the development of acne and pimples. 

3. Improves skin health

Are you searching for ways to improve your skin health along with attaining a natural glow? If so, then borage seed oil is your ultimate bae! Studies show that the properties present in this potent ingredient allow it to prevent any skin woes like dry skin, acne, sudden flare-ups etc. Furthermore, it improves your skin health immensely and strengthens your skin barrier which eventually paces up your journey to fulfil your skin goals

4. Lends anti-ageing effects

With progression in time and age, your skin begins showing the signs of ageing in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, skin sagging etc. Studies show that these signs of ageing can be prevented, if not, effectively reduced with the help of borage seed oil. This golden elixir helps in restoring the suppleness of your skin along improving its elasticity. Moreover, borage seed oil evens out your skin tone while treating scarred skin. As a result, it is known as one of the best remedies to get healthy and youthful-looking skin




With the cluttered lifestyle and increase in skin ailments, borage seed oil can be an excellent addition to your routine. Notable dermatologists and experts recommend including borage seed oil in your skin care regime. On top of that, the experts reveal that ceramide, hyaluronic acid, mango seed butter are some of the dynamic ingredients that work particularly well alongside borage seed oil. Together these ingredients make a noteworthy concoction which not only escalates your skin health but also offers a natural glow and luminance to it.