Best beauty secrets passed on by mothers and grandmothers

Best beauty secrets passed on by mothers and grandmothers

Abraham Lincoln had rightly said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe it to my angel mother.” From the day we are born to growing up, we learn a lot each day from our mothers and grandmothers. Be it life lessons, relationship advice, food recipes or beauty secrets, there’s a treasure trove of tried and tested advice passed on from generations to generations.

Back in the day, despite any access to salon services, our mothers and grandmothers always had that naturally glowing skin and luscious hair. What worked wonders for them were some age old beauty secrets that were easy to be followed and suitable for all age groups/skin types.

In honor of Mother's Day we have got you some of the best beauty secrets that have been passed on by mothers and grandmothers. Easy and quick beauty tips passed on by moms:

  1. No touching
  2. Face steam
  3. Less is more
  4. Limited sun
  5. Homemade packs
  6. Beauty sleep
Best beauty secrets passed on by mothers and grandmothers

1. No touching: Well, a lot of you might have heard this since your growing years. But it is certainly the foremost and essential step for clear and radiant skin. When you avoid constantly touching your face it prevents any kind of bacteria or virus from your hands to affect the sensitive skin of your face. This holds even truer when you are dealing with pimples, acne or any skin allergy. It is best NOT to touch your face and let these skin concerns heal with a topical treatment.


    2. Face steam: This was a favorite Sunday ritual at most households. All the females of the house would come together and enjoy the steaming sessions whilst some gossips. This beauty regime was a favourite fun weekend activity back then, since it gave all women of the house a good laugh and healthy skin.


    3. Less is more: Your mothers and grandmothers were ahead of their time while suggesting less is more when applying anything on your face or hair. Today the same advice is being circulated around by leading dermatologists, fashion magazines and beauty bloggers. Avoid slathering your face and scalp with too many layers of beauty products. The more you let your skin breathe, the better are your chances to reduce premature skin aging.


    4. Limited Sun: For a lot of women their mothers and grandmothers warn them early in life to stay as away from the sun as possible. This is one of the best beauty advice that hugely benefits you till your adulthood. Even though avoiding the sun completely wasn’t possible and sunscreens were rarely available back then, an umbrella came to their rescue each time they had to step outside.




      5. Homemade packs: Be it a special occasion, house party or any family event, grandmothers always had a homemade face mask for every occasion. From ways to get rid of facial hair at home to providing your skin natural moisturization and exfoliation, there were packs to solve all beauty concerns. The one that worked best for all times was the “Turmeric Face Pack”.

        What you need:

      • Turmeric powder, wheat flour & some finely ground oatmeal.
      • Honey, raw milk, rosewater and fresh lime juice.

       How to apply?

      • Mix together all the dry and liquid ingredients as per your desired quantity into a thick paste. Massage the paste evenly all over your face, neck and arms in circular motions to gently exfoliate.
      • Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes to dry out and then rinse off with fresh water.


      6.  Beauty sleep :

      There is a reason they call it the “beauty” sleep. Your mothers always stress on how a dull face, signs of ageing and puffy eyes, all arise due to lack of sleep. It is important for you to make it a rule to end your day early and get the much needed beauty sleep for at least 7-8 hours. The compliments like "you look younger" that your mom got during her 30’s-40's were solely by virtue of this advice!



        Best beauty secrets passed on by mothers and grandmothers


        These super easy tips & tricks have helped a lot of women over the years to flaunt a natural glow and voluminous mane and are sure going to be equally beneficial for you as well. Do try them & thank us later.



        With these tried & tested beauty advice passed on by mothers and grandmothers, you are going to experience a beautiful change in your outlook towards real beauty. Not only will these help you embrace simplicity, but also value your real beauty. On this mother’s day don’t forget to pamper them with the same love and care that they have given you all through these years. Wishing all mothers, grandmothers and those who are like mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day.