7 Benefits of Caffeine Free Diet

7 Benefits of Caffeine Free Diet

Coffee is a beverage that most of us enjoy drinking on a daily basis. Although, it is considered very good by some people, there are various negative effects as well. Let us first see how a cup of coffee works on your system.

1.    After 10 Minutes- Your blood pressure and heart rate begin to rise as caffeine enters your bloodstream.

2.    After 20 Minutes- Your concentration levels improve and you become more alert.

3.    After 30 Minutes- There is an increase in the motor neuron efficiency which makes you physically active and charged.

4.    After 12 Hours-Your body comes back to normal and you find it dull because you liked the increased effectiveness and activeness of your body.

Quit Caffeine!

Let us have a look at the following points to know why you should quit caffeine.

1.    Restless Sleep

Reports tell that daily intake of caffeine can affect your sleep cycle. Especially if you take caffeine 6 hours before sleep, it can cause restless sleep or even drowsiness in the daytime. As compared to those who take a caffeine-free diet, it is noted that the latter takes less time to fall asleep. Proper sleep is a very big benefit of caffeine free diet.

2.    Stains Teeth

Tannins are present in coffee and tea in a major proportion which harms the teeth. They discolour the teeth enamel. Even the acidity present in such drinks causes decay. Therefore, quitting coffee and tea is very important.

3.     Increases Anxiety

A lot of people have reported that intake of caffeine increases your anxiety levels. This is because caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands. When caffeine gives instant energy to the body, it stimulates the fight hormones in the body which increases anxiety, restlessness, irritability, heart palpitations, etc.

4.    Blood Pressure Problems

Caffeine is known to elevate blood pressure. 3-5 cups of caffeine on a regular basis can, in fact, cause cardiovascular diseases. If somebody already has high blood pressure, drinking caffeine can elevate the problem and make it serious. Although it raises the blood pressure within 10 minutes its effect is dramatic.

5.    Addictive

Caffeine is believed to be highly addictive as its effect changes your brain chemistry making it expect high energy all the time. Therefore, the body becomes used to high alertness and energy due to which it demands intake of caffeine at regular intervals without which, you start feeling uneasy and moody. It acts as a drug which must be avoided.

6.    Risk of Heart Attack

Caffeine forces the heart muscles to beat forcefully. Studies have revealed that caffeine is very harmful to cardiovascular health and people drinking coffee more than 4 cups a day have a very high risk of having a heart attack. Some people already have heart problems they are unaware of and they still consume coffee which ads to their damage.

7.    Causes Mood Swings

Caffeine has such a strong impact on your mood that if your body does not get it on time when it is used to, you will start having mood swings. You do not need a long time duration to experience this. Every time you drink coffee, it causes an upswing in your mood while the moment its effect starts to wear off, your mood goes dull. It is undoubtedly not good to let some external factor control your mood, therefore, you must quit caffeine. Staying away from mood swings is a benefit of caffeine free diet.


Quitting Coffee is Important

There are various benefits of caffeine free diet. It should not control you. Undoubtedly, it has a negative effect on your health. Quitting caffeine will balance the hormones of women, save your finances, help your body to absorb nutrients more efficiently, and help you in having a healthy digestion.