11 Bold Things You Need to Tell People Who Don’t Have Acne

11 Bold Things You Need to Tell People Who Don’t Have Acne

As someone who contends with acne every waking hour, you understand how horrible it can be. Spots are definitely not among the things you want in life.

Most days witness people throwing remarks and comments in your way. While they may be trying to be friendly and helpful, some of these comments end up being hurtful. 

So it's time to boldly tell people (who don't have acne) the following:

 1. "I Wash My Face More Often Than You"

"You need to wash your face more often" is a common statement that you encounter on these streets. It's really hurtful, even if the people don't intend to hurt you. The comment suggests that you're dirty and lack personal hygiene.

You probably wash your face 2-3 times every day. You're meticulous about maintaining clean skin, but you still break out.

It's a myth that a dirty face causes acne. The truth is that several factors come into play to cause the issue: think inflammation, bacteria, stress, sebum production, and hormonal changes. 

2. "I Don't Gulp Down Too Much Junk"

As seen earlier, chocolate and junk food aren't the only causes of acne. In fact, it's not among the most common factors. 

Plus, how do they determine what "too much junk food" is? You probably consume just as much chocolate as they do. 

And who said those with spots shouldn't enjoy some chocolate just as much as other people? Why should your lifestyle choices bother them?

3. "Yes, I've Tried Every Product Under the Sun"

People without acne will rush to suggest products so and so to get rid of your spots. But if you suffer from acne severely, chances are you've tried all those products, plus some more. You desire to say goodbye to acne, and so you've probably tried things that promise to help. 

Sure, these good guys' suggestions are out of good intentions. But they need to remember that they're not skin doctors, and no two patients will ever be the same. If you want to learn more about your skin issue from them, you may inquire. But they shouldn't push solutions down your throat. 

4. "You're Not a Fortune Teller"

Some people say that the acne problem is just a phase that passes. Yes, you can grow out of it, especially if it's teen acne. But are these people fortune tellers? 

Sure, once again, people say this to reassure you that it's not a lifetime issue. While this may be true, it's not easy to know if it's just a phase of life.

Acne may haunt a teen for decades, and adult acne can be quite stubborn too. Also, if the spots don't go away as per your self-imposed "fortune tellers" predictions, you will be disappointed. People telling you that you'll grow out of the acne aren't helping your spots at that present time. 

You cannot know when the acne disappear. So if it's a phase that will come to pass, great. If not, just get on with it. 

5. "Acne Can Be a Big Deal"

They may say, "I don't understand why it bothers you that much." True, they're trying to boost your confidence and reassure you that it's not the end of life. 

But the fact is that it's a big deal to you. It isn't as if you can cover the skin condition- the spots are on your face, that part of your body people look at every day. 

While complimenting and supporting you is nice, they need to do it appropriately. The above statement can make you feel silly as if your worry is baseless. It's your right to feel sad, worried, happy, and other emotions.

6. "You Don't Have the Spots Because You're Still Lucky"

People who don't have this condition are just lucky. Maybe their hormones or genetics didn't conspire to rob them of their skin's beauty. But they need to know the story may change in future due to many other factors.  

Their exact skincare, vitamin supplementation, or diet recommendations may fail to work for you. Tell them your body is not theirs, and you know how well to take care of yours. 

7. "Drink a Lot of Water? Am I a Camel from the Desert?"

Once again, no one should dictate your lifestyle's choices. Also, drinking water alone can't wash the spots away. 

While it may be helpful, it's up to you to choose your preferred treatment methods. It's never their responsibility to comment on how you live your life. Are they concerned with your spots? They need to express themselves without coming across as being rude.

8. "Of Course, I've Visited the Best Doctor"

"Have you thought about visiting a skin specialist?" Chances are people have bombarded you with this question countless times, and you're tired of reciting the same answer over and over again.

As a person suffering from acne, you've probably visited some of the top-notch acne doctors in your country. Maybe your friends, coworkers, and relatives aren't aware of it. But that doesn't mean you've not tried to get rid of the spots. 

While acne can be a public thing that anyone can see, people need to know that it's also a personal and private everyday struggle. 

9. "My Make-ups, My Choice"

If you desire to wear make-up to boost your confidence, go ahead. Even if it doesn't really help your confidence and you just want to feel cool wearing it, the choice is yours. Don't let anyone and their "you shouldn't be wearing too much make-ups" statements make you feel guilty about it. 

You can bring out your magic and creativity in using make-ups. Also, it's up to you to decide the amount of make-up to wear. And their assumption that make-ups lead to acne is just wrong.

10.  "I know, My Face Has Planet Jupiter"

When a white head decides to make a home on your face, you'll probably be aware of it. People pointing it out are only reassuring you that they can notice it. Do we go around and telling people, "OMG, you have a pair of eyebrows?"

Yeah, you can squeeze away the whiteheads if that'll make people happy. But don't feel guilty if you decide to let the acne disappear on its own. You know, acne can be painful sometimes.

Also, these heads sometimes sneak onto the face when you're busy going about your daily activities. So their statements can drive your self-consciousness high. Would they take it cool if you also pointed out their insecurities? 

11. "Who Doesn't Touch Their Face Unintentionally"

People may assume that your skin breaks out because you touched your face with dirty hands. Such comments can make you blame yourself for the acne. 

Who doesn't touch their faces frequently? Since it's everyone's habit, nobody should guilt-trip you on this. 

Wrap Up



People need to know that commenting on a person's appearance isn't necessary. Their comments may not make the condition vanish into thin air. Also, they may not help you feel amazing about those spots. 

Since your acne doesn't hurt them, it isn't their concern. So tell people without acne that it's the shoe wearer who knows where the shoes pinch the most.

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