Pore Refining Serum

Pore Refining Serum

Makes skin smooth and firm | Reduces enlarged pores | For all skin types

Fragrance free

Free from added fragrances

Paraben free

Gentle on skin

Safety tested

Safe for use on skin
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Why does pore size increase?

Our pore size can increase with an increased sebum production, hair follicle size or simply as we grow older. This is because as we age, our skin loses elasticity which makes pore size look bigger. This enlarged size makes pores more prone to getting clogged with dirt, sebum and dead skin cells. Pore Refining Face Serum regulates sebum content and helps refine pore size over time.

Get smooth skin texture

Pore Refining Serum helps reduce pore size and makes skin smooth over time. It also contains Esculenta Fruit Extract which has humectant properties that attain & retain moisture in the skin, ensuring well moisturised and supple skin.

Shows significant results in 28 days


Reduction in average pore size


Decrease in sebum content of the skin


Decrease in total number of lesions


Improvement in skin moisturisation

Based on clinical trials conducted on 36 individuals (male & female), having oily & visible pores on skin for efficacy of Re’equil Pore Refining Serum

What’s inside that really matters...


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  • Rated 4+ stars by 87% customers
  • Safety Tested & Effective
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  • Award winning brand

How To Use

Squeeze out a coin sized amount and apply to a clean face. Follow it up with a non-comedogenic moisturiser and sunscreen in the day time. Use AM and PM.

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Why is serum better than toner to shrink enlarged pores?

Toner is a liquid skin care product that restores your skin's pH balance and sweeps all impurities away to keep your pores clean and intact. While, serums have a higher percentage of active ingredients than toners and have lower molecular weight for better penetration. Apart from minimizing the appearance of large pores, pore refining serums encourage the cell renewal process to keep skin rejuvenated and firm

Can it be used for acne prone skin types?

Re'equil Pore Refining Serum is a fragrance-free formulation that suits all skin types. It helps shrink the enlarged pores and improve the skin texture while leaving your skin soothing and hydrated.

How often should I use this serum?

You can use it twice per day, once in the morning and once at night. During the day, follow it up with sunscreen.

Consistent use of Pore Refining Serum helps refine pore size and gives a smooth skin texture over time.

Effectively reduces pore size

Clinically proven ingredients help refine pore size

Smooth skin & youthful glow

Helps smooth out wrinkles & makes skin smooth over time

Effectively reduces pore size

Clinically proven ingredients help refine pore size

Smooth skin & youthful glow

Helps smooth out wrinkles & makes skin smooth over time

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Dr. Aseem Sharma
On Panel Dermatologist.

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