How Does Toner Help to Minimise Pores? Know Here

How Does Toner Help to Minimise Pores? Know Here

In the longing to get that “glass finished” skin or korean inspired flawless skin texture, enlarged and open pores can be an obstruction. You might also be staring at these dot-like pores on your face for hours in the mirror. 

While pores are beneficial for the body to release toxins through perspiration, enlarged pores can be the sign of either premature ageing caused by sun damage, pollution or may be hereditary and even lower levels of collagen. 

And it's not like there are no solutions to it. There definitely are. But amongst all, which is the right one? The struggle begins when you have to choose from a gargantuan of products available addressing enlarged pores. 

Of all the product types, toners are the first line of defence to treat enlarged pores. And it does not have to be a complex 10-step skincare regimen. Simply include it in your CTM (Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising) routine and see the visible difference for yourself! 

Let’s tell you more about how you can actually minimise the pore size using toners and how to choose the right one! We are always here to help. 

4 ways how toners help in reducing pore size 

After cleansing the face with the face wash suitable for your skin type, toners go that extra mile for you! Here’s how toners work on your skin

1. Unclog the pores and keep them clean and clear

Pollution and comedogenic (pore-congesting) makeup products can be the reason behind those enlarged pores on the skin. And clogged pores with bacteria and toxins may also give rise to acne breakouts on your face. 

Facewash can surely give you a cleansed skin, but does it remove the last traces of dirt and make up from your face?

Well, it does not. So toners help you to wipe off those tiny particles of pollutants and make up products from the skin. This magnetic action unclogs the pores and helps in keeping your skin clean and clear. 

2. Minimises the appearance of enlarged pores

Upon imparting that squeaky clean skin, using toners assist in tightening the pores on your face and thus reducing their visible appearance. 

Here are certain ingredients to look for while hunting for a solution to refine your pores -

  • Witch Hazel Extract

This ingredient works as an astringent in minimising and shrinking the pores. It also soothes your skin and reduces inflammation.

  • Allantoin

It has anti-irritant and moisturising properties. It further helps with cell regeneration for you to have a refined and smooth skin.

  • Esculenta Fruit Extract

It is one the effective and recommended ingredients apart from witch hazel extract to treat open/enlarged pores. This extract helps to regulate excessive sebum production to avoid enlarged pores.

3. Restores the pH levels of skin
As the skin is exposed to the atmospheric elements, pollution, cosmetics, tap water and much more, its natural pH gets affected

Studies suggest that the usual pH of the skin is around 5.0- 5.7. Yes, it's actually a little acidic in nature!

Now, pore refining toners are designed to mimic the actual pH level of the skin. This lets them match, restore and maintain the realistic pH of the skin when used consistently and religiously. 

4. Regulates sebum production 

When you use toners especially formulated with the ingredients like witch hazel extract to suit the acne prone skin or even dry skin, it generously helps in controlling the excessive oil production from the sebaceous glands under the pores. 

This ultimately helps in visibly reducing the size of the pores as well as preventing acne on the face.  

Why should you use an alcohol-free toner?

Now you know how toners give you a measurable and evident difference in terms of enlarged pores. However, another important point while picking up a pore refining toner is that you go for an alcohol-free toner

The ones with alcohol tend to strip away the skin’s natural moisture and make the skin even more sensitive and irritated. 

How to use a face toner? 

Use the toner twice daily, as a part of your morning and night skincare routine for the best results.


In the widely available range of toners, it is important to make a wise decision. Always go for the ones that suit your skin type. Look for the labels like “non-comedogenic” on the bottles to ensure they do not clog your pores and give you hassle free skin care. 

Another aspect to treat enlarged pores is protecting your skin against rapid sun exposure. Also, indulging in a nutritional and collagen boosting diet additionally helps in taking care of your pores. 

Now by following a consistent and well researched skin care regimen, say no to open pores anymore!