Ultimate No-Filter Makeup Look With Optimum Sun Protection In One Go

Ultimate No-Filter Makeup Look With Optimum Sun Protection In One Go

Khushboo is a self-care enthusiast who loves taking care of the overall health of her skin & hair with well-researched and scientifically formulated topical solutions.

Always wondered how people felt comfortable layering their skin with multiple coats of foundation, concealers, and face powders…

I researched and figured out that the reasons for the same could be many. Some feel more confident once they have achieved the desired look instantly with the help of makeup while others might just want to hide their pigmented skin and acne scars. I, on the other hand, could never know what would give me the multifaceted benefits of moisturization, sun protection, and give even-looking skin at the same time. 

My mom’s childhood friend, who is a skincare expert now, revealed to me the secret to a no-filter makeup look with optimum sun protection and super hydrated skin in one go. She suggested that I use CC Creams for correcting my uneven skin tone. I always trust her. 

But I was still confused…

What are CC Creams? 

She explained – “ CC Creams are color-correcting creams hence the name “CC” Creams. They are all-in-one i.e., they deliver the benefits of a moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation. With their specific formulation of combined ingredients of both skincare and makeup, they keep skin hydrated and moisturized, give foundation-like coverage to maintain that no-makeup makeup look, and added benefits of sun protection (varying SPF of 30-50). These creams are backed up with light-deflecting particles that claim to hide dull, sallow. red and tired skin.”

She further added that CC Creams are a daily use hassle-free solution with anti-aging properties to keep skin health in check and help maintain a youthful glow. While skincare shall never be compromised she made me learn how CC Creams with SPF have the ability to protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun that leads to photoaging. They play an important role in giving a very even-toned look and help carry out naturally glowing skin. In addition, the broad spectrum SPF CC Creams delivers, makes them stand out from the foundation and BB Creams list.

I insisted that she brief me on the benefits of CC Cream one by one. 

“While there are countless CC Creams being sold in the market, each CC Cream is formulated differently and I would rate them all differently on the basis of their efficacy. However, just to end your confusion, I can guide you on what exactly are the benefits of a good CC Cream and what ingredients will make your CC Cream a highly effective one.” - proclaimed the skincare expert. 

Top 5 benefits of CC Cream with SPF 
1. Calms and soothes skin 

I asked - “How does a CC Cream helps in calming the skin? What ingredients does it best? 

She replied - “A good CC Cream will contain natural plant source ingredients like Butylene Glycol & Citrus Reticulata Fruit Extract / Calmnerv CR. They are super-effective skin loving ingredients. In addition, these ingredients deliver anti-aging properties too. 

2. The added benefit of optimum sun protection 

She highlighted that an effective CC Cream would have an SPF ranging from 30-50 backed up with mineral-based sunscreen filters. 

↑ SPF = ↓ Skin damage from the sun

Due to the presence of mineral-based sunscreen filters like zinc -oxide and titanium dioxide, CC Cream will protect skin from UV rays and help in reducing further chances of breakouts.  It will work effectively in drying excess oil on the skin. CC Cream with SPF will make sure that your skin is protected from early signs of aging too. 

I asked - “Do I need to apply sunscreen before applying a CC Cream with SPF 50?”

She replied - “ First Sun CC Cream is not a replacement for your sunscreen. Second, even if you apply Sun CC Cream with SPF 50 on your face, imagine your other body parts would still need a sunscreen. Also, when it comes to re-application, you are supposed to re-apply your sunscreen after every 2-3 hours. Re-applying a Sun CC Cream can really become a task for you.”

3. Hydrates and keeps skin moisturized

I knew that hydrated skin makes skin soft, smooth, and plump. It keeps skin refreshed. 

But what about whether or not to ditch the moisturizer? 

She explained - “See moisturisers play a very important role in keeping the skin barrier intact, they not only repair the barrier but restore it too. So, keeping in mind that your CC Cream has skin-hydrating ingredients like Glycerin and Caprylyl Methicone, still, a little prepping would do no harm. 

My learning - Irrespective of your skin type, you can go for a very lightweight moisturizer (apply a very thin layer) because CC creams don’t entirely work the way a moisturiser does.  

4. CC Cream is very less likely to clog your pores 

It's a cherry on the cake, she said. I asked inquisitively - how?

She explained that since CC Creams are one of the lightest formulations as compared to foundations and BB creams, they are very less likely to clog your pores. Hence reducing the chances of further acne-causing bacteria.  

5. Offers excellent coverage

Unlike BB Creams which offer light coverage and foundations that sometimes make it look all greasy and cakey, CC Cream gives excellent  coverage since it's light in consistency and is very airy. 

Things to keep in mind before choosing SPF infused CC Cream 

She insisted that while choosing CC Cream make sure it is non-comedogenic so as to keep pores breathable and further reduce the chances of breakouts. In addition, pick up the one with a broad spectrum SPF ranging between 30-50. However, SPF 50 will work great for optimum sun protection. In addition, see if it's PA+++ or more and water/transfer resistant.  

When it comes to ingredients make sure it has skin calming and skin-hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Caprylyl Methicone, Calmnerv CR etc. 


While all our bathroom cabinets are filled with various skin care products, our vanity boxes are always about to explode with primers, foundations, compact powders, etc. Having that flawless skin and youthful look doesn’t seem easy at times. But a good skincare routine will make all the efforts worthwhile. It's high time to update vanity boxes with this new formulation - Sun CC Creams - suitable for all skin types. Get that non-greasy, non-cakey no-makeup makeup look with added benefits of improved skin backed up with optimum sun protection. Guess what, in just one go.  

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