Best Skin Care routine for women in 20s and 30s

Best Skin Care routine for women

Best Skin Care routine for women in 20s and 30s

Still, using the same skincare products that you used in your teenage years? Well, it’s time you reconsider that approach, if you wish to age like a fine wine. It is said that your skin is in its prime during your 20’s and 30’s. If you don’t take care of it during this phase, then you are most probably headed downhill.

If you are among those who desire to age gracefully, then it is pertinent to acknowledge the importance of an age specific skin care routine. We do realize that achieving a skin and age-appropriate beauty regime is easier said than done. It involves having pre-requisite knowledge about the ingredients that you might have never even heard of or tried. To help you look ageless & beautiful, we have shortlisted an age specific skincare regime. So, buckle up ladies, we are in for a skinssential ride!

Skin care routine in your 20’s

Congratulations are in order since you have managed to survive your teenage years. However, now you’ve got to worry about getting through your 20’s. To top it all, your skin begins to show changes. The skincare regimen you followed in your teenage years isn’t the same that your 20s skin demand, even though you are dealing with similar skin issues. This would make you wonder “How to make that change wisely?” Worry not! Without further ado, let’s have a look at some hero ingredients and classic skincare steps that you can include in your skincare regimen.

  • Cleansing

Attention dewy young beauties, if there’s one thing that you should always remember is to do daily cleansing. A silicone & sulphate free face cleanser ensures that all the dirt, impurities and makeup, are wiped away from your face. Irrespective of your skin type, it is important to cleanse your face twice a day. Keeping in mind that you are in your 20’s, you are most likely to struggle with acne, dullness or texture issues (hyperpigmentation). For this consider including a face cleanser containing Zinc PCA in your skincare regimen. It helps to prevent acne without unclogging the pores and retains moisture of your skin.

  • Toning

Let’s talk about the unsung hero in a skincare regimen – FACE TONER. You may wonder, “What is a face toner and why do you need to use it even after a face cleanser?” Long story short, a toner clears away any remains of dirt or impurities left after cleansing. It brightens your skin while harmonizing the pH balance. And not just that, it also prevents any occasional bumps and blemishes that you might be dealing with.

  • Moisturization

You are most likely to notice one essential step in every skincare routine you read about: Moisturization. This is because moisturizing your skin at least twice a day after cleansing is the key to achieve a softer and smoother skin. A moisturizer deeply hydrates your skin while removing any excess oil present. If you have dry skin, then look for a moisturizer that contains vitamin C and A. Together these revitalize your skin and promote firmness. However, if you have acne-prone or oily skin then choose a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer that gets easily absorbed and provides a smooth finish.

  • Sunscreen

Another crucial step for a healthy-looking skin is to never skip a broad-spectrum sunscreen, especially if have direct exposure to the sun for long hours. Sun damage is one of the main causes behind uneven skin tone. One of the most notable benefits of sunscreen is that it protects your skin against the harmful UVA & UVB rays. It minimizes the penetration and harmful effect of sun rays, mildest of sunburns or any skin issues like premature aging etc.

  • Face mask

In your 20’s, you’re probably too worried about finishing your assignments before deadlines or preparing for your exams while trying to balance your social life as well. Amidst this entire dilemma, a facial or mask probably falls off the to-do list. Even if you don’t treat your skin with a spa facial, you can pamper it at home that will offer you long term benefits. A face mask not only provides hydration and nourishment to your skin, but also refines skin pores. You should make this a ground rule to treat and pamper your skin with a face mask every once in a while for maintaining a youthful glow later in the life.

 Best Skin Care routine for women in 20s and 30s

Skin care routine in your 30’s

It is said that once you have crossed your 30’s, you would have a lot of things sorted in your life. But is your skincare regimen one of these things? Turns out when you hit your 30s, there’s a whole new set of rules for skin care. All thanks to the new surges of hormones which makes your skin all the more sensitive.

When you hit your big 3-0 your estrogen level begins to drop, making your skin prone to hyperpigmentation, dark under-eye circlesskin aging etc. Hence, your skincare routine should be inclined towards more of anti-aging products. Let us have a look at some important tips and skincare routine which can save your skin from huge trouble in your 30s.

  • Cleansing

You’ve probably been using a cleanser since your teenage years, especially when you had tired, acne-prone skin. Since then your skin has changed a lot, hence the need for an age & concern appropriate cleanser. A good cleanser improves the texture of your skin while gently cleansing away any dirt and impurities. Consider using a face cleanser containing ingredients such as AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), extracts of leaf etc. They reduce the occurrence of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, leaving behind a radiant and youthful skin.

  • Toning

Ideally, you should establish the habit of using a face toner in your 20’s. If you still haven’t, then better late than never. Consider inculcating a good face toner in your skincare routine. Face toners lend hydration and moisturization to your skin while improving collagen production. It also tightens skin cell gaps and pores making your skin appear youthful and radiant. 

  • Moisturization

You must have been familiar with moisturizers by now. Moisturizing your skin is extremely essential, especially when you are in your 30’s. It lends proper hydration to your skin while boosting the defense mechanism of your skin.  Moisturizers that contain Hyaluronic Acid (HA) helps reduce the appearance of any signs of aging while providing long-lasting skin moisturization.


  • Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an essential step which should always be incorporated & implemented as an essential part of a skincare routine. Unprotected skin that is exposed to sun rays are known to be a major cause behind wrinkles and aging. Hence, embrace the benefits and protection of oxybenzone and OMC free sunscreen to keep your skin radiant and youthful.

  • Under-eye protection

This is the last step that you must include to avert signs of aging from your under eye area. Under-eye creams are a great investment in your 30’s, since the chances of your first wrinkle or any signs of aging will be visible your eyes. An under-eye cream visibly reduces any signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging skin etc., while lifting the overall skin. It also repairs and prevents any dark circles giving you a bright and radiant appearance. 


Your skin begins to age just like your body. Hence, there’s no time like the present to start looking after it. Pampering and devoting extra attention to your skin now while maintaining a healthy skin care regimen is the key to a long-term healthy looking skin. Apart from this, don’t forget to keep your daily habits in check and make your choices as healthy and natural as possible.



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hii! i am 20 yrs old and i have severe acne problem with intense acne scars. I currently wash my face with mild face wash and use rose water as the toner because when i use chemical base toner my skin breaks out as i have wayyy tooo oily skin and a bit sensitive too. Ive been using pitstop gel for 1 month now but i see no difference. Yet i ordered acne clarifying gel but im a bit insecure about this cause idk how to set a proper skincare routine. can you help me to find a good skin care routine?


I am in 35 years.. I have combination and very sensitive skin with acne also. I have acne since 20’s. My skin has become dull, sagging, wrinkles, fine lines, everything that sign to aging skin
As I have read all the necessary skin routine u have provided , kindly proide me a best skin care routine and also the product name also. It will be a great help for me.


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