Skin Brightening Vs Skin Lightening: Which One Is Better?

Skin Brightening Vs Skin Lightening: Which One Is Better?


Do you find yourself jumbled and confused over new terms and treatments introduced in the skin care industry? With new terms popping up everyday left-and-right, keeping up with skin care trends and practices can easily become a hectic chore. However, it is a must, especially with certain harmful chemicals and practices lurking in the skin care industry amongst numerous incredible treatments and ingredients. Various skin experts explain that having an in-depth knowledge will not only help you avoid these harmful products with dangerous after effects but also help to rectify and upgrade your skin care game. You may find certain skin care terms like ‘ skin brightening’ and ‘skin-lightening’ quite similar to one another. Although, you would be astonished to know the colossal difference they carry, in terms of their claims, effects, ingredients etc. A study published in 2019 concludes that the skin brightening unravels an entirely different concept in skin care industry when compared to skin lightening. 

What is skin brightening?

Top dermatologists explain that the skin brightening products address skin concerns like discolourations and pigmentations to bring back the lost radiance. What’s more, skin brightening products helps in restoring vibrancy while evening out your skin tone. Long story short, a skin brightener’s ultimate role is to maintain and enhance the radiance complexion of your skin instead of whitening it.

A study conducted bu the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Analytical Research Journal unfolds the science behind the skin brightening products battling skin dullness and pigmentation. According to the studies, your skin consistently renews itself through the production of new skin cells, collagen etc. In simple words, your body replaces older skin cells with healthy and living skin cells. Although, with progression in age, your skin cells start to regenerate at a slower rate, hence making your skin to appear dull and tired. 

This is where the need for skin brightening products and treatments arises. Skin brighteners are generally available in the form of exfoliators, antioxidants, or a combination of these main ingredients that promote skin renewal.  The formulations and ingredients of brightening skin care products help to effectually exfoliate the surface of your skin (epidermis). They help in warding off any dead skin cells, impurities, dirt etc., thus renewing your skin and helping you procure bright, supple and youthful skin. Furthermore, making skin brightening part of your daily skin care regimen will ensure effective changes in your skin.

What is skin lightening? 

Unlike brightening treatments, the skin lightening products have entered the skin care market ages ago. It is requisite to acknowledge that lightening products are one of the main reason behind narrow beauty standards.

According to various skin specialists, the skin lightening products seek to change the colour of your skin by reducing melanin. Keeping in mind, your skin colour, along with hair and eye colour, is genetically determined by the amount of melanin found in the top layers of skin. Its varied presence – which accounts for different skin colours is known to be influenced by the levels of sun exposure. So, stripping your skin of its melanin may make your dermis (skin) extremely sensitive and easily prone to cellular damage. Moreover, skin lightening is not permanent and requires consistent maintenance. As a consequence, excluding the daily application of skin lightening products may leave your skin discoloured or uneven. 

Which is better?

The line between useful and harmful treatments is getting blurred and chaotic, mainly due to new skin care terms being introduced. However, considering the case between skin brightening and skin lightening, the former is better since they help in enhancing your natural skin instead of whitening it. Not to mention, including skin brightening products in your daily skin care regimen helps to attain long-lasting and healthy results. However, at the end of the day, it is entirely your choice. We would advise you to opt for whichever skin care treatment feels right to you. Nonetheless, always remember to measure the pros and cons before making up your mind. 

Skin Brightening Vs Skin Lightening: Which One Is Better?


Undoubtedly so, you are beautiful inside out, despite what skin colour you have. It is pivotal to understand that every colour is just as appealing and should be cherished. However, working on pampering your skin while trying to attain healthy and achievable skin goals is always welcomed and supported. So, if you wish to enhance your already-gorgeous skin into much-more, then worry not as we are always there to help you in the journey. Nonetheless, choosing the right skin care treatment according to your comfort will play a huge role in obtaining healthy and radiant skin. 


Many dermatologists explain that understanding your skin type and its concerns is an imperative step, mainly before opting for any skin care products or treatments. Neglecting to do so may cause more harm than good. Whereas acknowledging your skin concerns like dullness, pigmentation, dryness, acne etc., helps in making better skin care choices. Once you are well aware of your skin type and concerns, then forming a skin care routine while finding suitable skin care treatments will become an easy task. The experts further demonstrate that the best way to identify your skin type is by closely observing how your skin feels and looks after a normal day. 


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