Why Does Oily Skin Need A Moisturiser?

Why Does Oily Skin Need A Moisturiser?

Oily skin does feel like it is overly hydrated. That glossy, sticky feel on the face may confuse you that you do not require to invest in a moisturiser. 

And interestingly, a general belief goes this way that for oily skin, using moisturisers can direly aggravate the greasy texture on the face. However, contrary to this belief, it does need moisturisation. 

Well, this skin type can be a little bit high maintenance and sure, you too! We are here to help you understand the role of moisturiser for oily skin and how to find the right one. Also, stay tuned for important tips for oily skin management. Let’s go!

Oily skin does not mean it is hydrated

It can be hard to tell the difference between oily skin and hydrated skin. Well, let us simplify it for you!

As said, oily skin does not necessarily mean it is hydrated. Hydrated skin is actually healthy skin characterised by a good capacity of skin tissues to retain moisture giving you a plumpy and clear skin. Oily skin is distinguished with a greasy, congested and irritated texture. 

Also, if oily skin is dehydrated, it is so because it is deprived of water in the skin layers and not the oil. Furthermore, in the dehydrated state (which occurs when the uppermost layer of the skin lacks moisture), this skin type is triggered to produce excess sebum to combat the situation. 

Signs of dehydrated oily skin may include - 

  1. Dull skin texture and radiance
  2. Early signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Decreased skin elasticity
  4. Increased acne and breakouts
  5. High skin irritation
Why moisturisation is important for oily skin?

Moisturisation is the first step to improve your skin’s hydration level, topically. As a matter of fact, consistent healthy diet along with regular moisturisation from the outside simultaneously gives you a healthy, hydrated and concern-free skin.

However, when it comes to oily skin, many of you reject the idea of using moisturisers on your skin fearing it would make your skin extremely greasy. Your concern seems valid to some point. But if you have not been told before, we are here to tell you the truth.

And that is, oily skin needs moisturisation just like normal or even dry skin type. The science behind this is that one, you have oily skin that already produces sebum more than required. And two, if you do not moisturise your skin, it will lack hydration which in turn will trigger the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. Imagine oily skin oozing out excess oil!

This will eventually leave the pores clogged creating a favourable ecosystem for acne causing bacteria and lead to breakouts on your skin. Another important reason to moisturise oily skin is that a well moisturised skin is bound to prevent transepidermal water loss giving you a bouncy and plumpy skin. 

Also, to add more fun information, if you have oily skin, you are less likely to get the early signs of ageing. But again, if you ignore its need for moisturisation, and leave it dehydrated, encouraging water loss and exposing it bare to the pollutants in the atmosphere, you are surely going to get those acne, fine lines and wrinkles. And we all know “prevention is always better than cure”. So it's better to start early but with the right moisturiser! 

Now wondering which is the right moisturiser for your oily skin? Well, hang in there, pretty people. 

What type of moisturiser is best for oily skin?

If you are going to invest your money, time and efforts in buying a skin care product, pick the one suitable to your skin type or else the efforts and money are wasted.

And when it comes to moisturisers for oily skin, you need to figure out certain specifications and characteristics while going for it. 

  • The first thing is, always look for an oil-free and mattifying moisturiser that does not enhance the oily shine on your face and gives your skin a subtle and non greasy nourishment.

  • Another characteristic to ponder over is that the product should be non-comedogenic. It means the product formulation does not clog your pores, thereby preventing the chances of acne, breakouts, etc.

Taking care of your skin is a non-negotiable form of self love. Similarly, protection against sun is also crucial while dealing with oily skin. Sunscreens play an indispensable role in holistic skin care. And when you are on the hunt for a sunscreen to suit your oily/acne skin type, look for the ones which are “non-comedogenic”, “non-greasy”, “least penetrative into the layers of skin”, and “oxybenzone-free” i.e., free from harmful and toxic chemicals.  

It is always beneficial to your pocket as well as time to invest in a product catering to your skin needs, and skin type. Have a happy skin care!