No Shave November- Grooming Tips

No Shave November- Grooming Tips

So, Folks, November is here and most of you must be excited to take a step forward towards the month-long journey of No Shave November. Before you step forward, let’s know the concept behind this so that you can make proper use of this month. So, basically, the goal of No-Shave November is to cut down your grooming maintenance expense i.e. not touch your razors for a month, skip your waxing schedules, grow wild. The idea behind this is that the money you save by following this practice shall be donated to cancer patients in order to encourage cancer patients and spread awareness about cancer prevention. The best part about this is that even if you have any hard and fast rule at your workplace regarding grooming and trimming, you can follow your rules while supporting those who are following it. Let’s have a look at some of the best beard grooming tips because growing your beard gives you another responsibility to look smart in your new look.

Tips for Grooming Beard

1. Maintain your Skin

Maintaining your skin is as important as maintaining your beard. Men often say ‘I need to chop off my beard’. Instead, they should be saying, ‘I need to keep my skin clean.’ Therefore, maintaining your skin is the basic tip for grooming beard. You must make sure that even if you are maintaining your beard in style, your skin must be clean. If you plan to shave, apply before and after shaving cream to keep your pores intact.

2. Oil and Balm

Just like the hair on your head, your beard hair needs conditioning and moisturising as well. Applying beard oil will help you moisturise and condition your hair properly. On the other hand, applying beard balm will give a shape to your beard, deodorize it and also help in locking the moisture. You should apply both for nourishing, hydrating, and softening the bristles of your beard. This is not only applicable for no shave November but always when you plan to grow your beard.

3. Beard Tools

Just like girls love styling their hair, men love styling their beard. To all the men out there, let me tell you that you have got special tools for combing your beard and moustache. Special cellulose acetate combs are available in the market to avoid breaking of hair. You can select from the wide range of narrow-toothed or wide-toothed combs and the size you want.

4. Wash Regularly

Itchiness can be an irritating factor if you do not keep your beard and the skin beyond it clean. Trapped food and dead skin cells can be the reason of your irritation. You must regularly wash your beard and pat it dry gently.

5. Warm Water

Another basic tip for grooming beard is to splash warm water on your beard before you do anything. Moreover, you must also keep an eye on the ingrown hair. You must avoid touching your chin too much so that your skin doesn’t get irritated.


Beard Grooming Tips

Resist the urge to try tricks on your own once you have got some good growth. You should, in fact, go to the barber and take tips from him regarding how to maintain your beard at home. Moreover, don’t rush up in the morning while making your beard. Devote some proper time and attention to it patiently. Enjoy No Shave November.

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