New Year Resolution | Skin Care Resolution

New Year Resolution | Skin Care Resolution

New Year is on the clock and here we are, yet again, making New Year resolutions which we promise ourselves every year to follow rigorously but fail to do so. But, our will to still form a resolution never fades away. Even though we never achieve the targets we set in the previous year but it is always inevitable to set new targets and stick on working to achieve those goals.

Approach the new year with resolve to find opportunities hidden in each day.”

-Michael Josephson

Everyone wants to look beautiful, have long and lustrous hair, and glowing and healthy skin but to have it, little do we stick to hard work. Let’s plan to give a kick start to this year by setting certain resolutions for 2k19 and achieve our targets.

Resolutions for 2k19

1.    Wash Your Face Twice a Day

Washing away the sebum, dirt, bacteria, dead cells and all the other things which can be accumulated on your face in a time span of 12 hours is very important else it will cause acne or other skin problems. It is very important for girls to wash off their makeup before going to bed. So, our first skin care resolution should be to wash our face twice a day.

2.    Change Pillow Covers

While you sleep, your skin gets in touch with your pillow covers. Pillowcases can breed acne-causing bacteria which of course, you do not wish to entertain. The dead cells which fall off your skin during the night while your skin is being renewed accumulate on the pillow covers which promote the bacteria formation. Therefore, our new year resolution should be to pillow covers must be changed weekly.

3.    Use Night Cream

Applying night cream after washing your face before going to bed gives your skin time to renew. It protects your skin from becoming sagged and also boosts collagen in your skin. Moreover, it also helps in increasing blood circulation.

4.    Apply Hair Oil Weekly

Just like moisturizer is inevitable for your skin, hair oil is inevitable for your scalp. Oiling gives strength to the roots of the hair by opening the pores and allowing them to get some air. It moisturizes your scalp and helps in washing away all the dead cells accumulated on the scalp.

5.    Sunday Masks

Exfoliating your skin is a very important part of our skin care routine which most of us forgets or skip. Throughout the week, we use various products and therefore, our skin must be exfoliated at least once in seven days. Using some mask or scrub will deeply cleanse your skin making it glowing as ever by removing the dead cells.

6.    Clean Makeup Brushes

Just like your pillow covers, it is very important to keep your make up brushes clean as well as they have a very great chance of breeding bacteria as they are generally moist and kept in dark containers. Just gently massaging the bristles of the brush with baby shampoo will be good enough. You must make sure that the makeup pigments are removed as much as possible. Make it your new year resolution.

7.    Get Proper Sleep

If you wish to have healthy skin, your skin care resolution must be to get proper sleep as healthy sleep is very important. Your body requires at least 8 hours of regular sleep in order to function properly. Proper sleep not only keeps your dark circles away but also helps in reducing stress which is the primary cause of acne.

New Year Resolutions

We hope that you stick to the resolutions you make and following them rigorously gives you satisfactory results to motivate you for following your skin care routine whole-heartedly! Happy New Year.