4 Must Try Natural Ingredients To Stop Hair Fall

4 Must Try Natural Ingredients To Stop Hair Fall

4 Must Try Natural Ingredients To Stop Hair Fall

It goes without saying that worrying comes naturally to us when we experience unexpected sudden hair loss. And if you think deeply, lots of questions start bothering your mind —why am I having so much of hair fall? Am I using the wrong shampoo and conditioner? Why is my hair not growing?—and so much more. 

You are not alone dealing with this problem, excessive hair loss is a common challenge for many people these days. But fortunately hair fall is pretty manageable when noticed in the first place. 

In recent years, many research studies have evaluated the efficacy of  topical ingredients in arresting the hair loss and promoting hair growth.  Phytochemicals and other natural extracts present in plants and herbs help to rebalance the hair growth cycle and promote the growth of hair follicular cells.

In this article, we have got you some vital ingredients to help fight hair loss and get your healthy hair back.

If you're experiencing hair loss, you need to find the cause. Once you establish that, there are some effective topical ingredients you can use to fight hair loss and keep your hair healthy

 causes of hair fall

Four Natural Ingredients for Hair Loss
1. Nasturtium officinale Extract (Watercress)

One can't compare the benefits of nasturtium extract to any other when it comes to prevent hair loss and keep hair healthy. It contains flavonoids, Vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin A. All of these nutrients work in a synergistic manner to protect nourish the scalp skin and hair.

Owing to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this herbal extract counteract the free radical damage that deteriorate hair protein structure.  Thereby, work to revitalize damaged hair and strengthen the hair roots

Other important benefit is that antibacterial action of the ingredient helps to resolve the scalp infection ( dandruff) which is also a significant cause of hair loss.

4 Must Try Natural Ingredients To Stop Hair Fall

Anybody with difficult-to-manage hair, thinning, or dull hair can benefit from this plant. It could also work as an original cleanser, making it beneficial for oily scalps. Hair fall control shampoo contains nasturtium extract, making the product more beneficial.

According to experts, this plant is safe for all hair types, especially coloured, thin, or damaged hair. This plant's strengthening extract can benefit you if your hair is breaking.

  • Reduces inflammation of the scalp
  • Strengthens and repairs hair
  • Protects the hair and scalp
  • It could prevent hair thinning
  • It could promote new hair growth

    2. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

    This is an amber-coloured protein product gotten from wheat. It has a low molecular weight, making it easy to nourish the hair from the inside and infiltrate spoiled cuticle layers.

    The best way to repair damaged, frizzy and breakage prone hair is by using hydrolyzed wheat protein. 

    • Reduces hair porosity
    • Strengthens the hair from inside
    • It makes hair shinier, healthier, and easier to style
    • Increases the hair's potential to receive and keep moisture
    • Reduces breakage
    • It gets rid of frizz and tangles
    • It makes the hair look fuller
    3. Pisum Sativum Sprout Extract

    Otherwise known as Pea Peptide, Pisum Sativum is a complete source of vital amino acids. The most notable one is lysine, which is an essential building block of the body cells. 

    Pisum Sativum adds volume to the hair and reactivate new hair growth.

    It has antioxidant, anti-ageing, conditioning, reconstructive, and strengthening properties. Because of this, it's a popular preference of several hair care formulations.

    The perfect part about Pisum Sativum for hair is that hair follicles can easily absorb them. Besides benefiting the hair, it is of great benefit to the scalp. 

    It's better to use it with a conditioner or shampoo containing all-natural ingredients to get the desired results. 

    4 Must Try Natural Ingredients To Stop Hair Fall


    4. Tropaeolum Majus Extract (Indian Cress)

    Another effective ingredient for hair loss is the Tropaeolum majus extract. It has many healing properties. 

    Most parts of the plant and its flowers are excellent sources of microelements like phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It is also rich in macro elements, including copper, zinc, and iron. The plant contains essential oils extracted from the leaves and flowers. These compounds help to promote hair growth by prolonging hair cycle.

    4 Must Try Natural Ingredients To Stop Hair Fall


    The secret to getting healthy, lustrous, and happy hair is hidden in your healthy daily habits and right hair care routine. If you feel your hair aren’t healthy, nourished, and break off easily, then it’s time to pull up your socks and transform your hair care routine completely. Some of the anti hair fall ingredients mentioned above are gold and can do wonders for the hair. Ensure that you find hair care products that contain good ingredients and use them religiously and soon, the results will be visible on your hair. 




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