natural hair growth tips

Natural Hair Growth Tips

Having naturally beautiful hair and skin is a dream every girl or boy dreams. Some people are bestowed with naturally lovely hair and skin. Some need to work on their skin and hair to make it beautiful and lovely. If you have hair that does not grow long or is thin then you are definitely among those who need to work on their hair and skin care regime. There are some tips that can help you naturally grow your hair long. 

Natural Hair Growth Tips That Are Easy To Follow
1. Get your hair trimmed frequently
      This is one advice we all have heard as kids from many sources. It is actually a good advice that has logic too. The logic behind this is that when we get our hair trimmed, we are able to get rid of the dry and brittle hair on the bottom. This way, we are able to reduce split ends also. Also, this also aids in making hair tangle free and so when you comb your hair it does not tangle and break.
2. Distribute the natural oil of the hair  
      The scalp has natural oil that it secretes. For some people this oil is more for some it is less. Whether this natural oil is more or less it needs to be distributed. Generally this oil remains in the scalp itself. By using a soft brush with natural bristles, you are able to distribute the natural oil of the scalp all over the hair. This oil is very good at nourishing the hair. The bristles of the brush can carry the oil right till the end of the hair strands which keeps the hair soft and smooth.
3. Do not brush wet hair
      – Hair is most sensitive when it is wet. So, do not brush hair when it is wet. Let it dry out naturally and then use a gentle brush on your tassels. Pulling, brushing, combing and tugging wet hair will only cause hair damage.
4. Take care of your pillowcase
      – Your pillowcase is something with which your hair interacts with each night for 8 or more hours. If your pillowcase is of a thick material or is hard and grizzly, that is how it will make your hair. Get a pillowcase that is soft and silky. It does not necessarily have to be silk, it can also be any other material which is soft and tender. Having a soft pillowcase means that when you sleep at night, your hair rubs against only the soft material and not against some hard or rough material.  Also, change the pillowcase at least twice daily to avoid the growth of bacteria and deposits of dirt in it.
5. Use a hair fall control serum
      – Using a serum has many benefits for your hair. First, it makes your hair silky and smooth. Secondly, it prevents hair breakage. Thirdly, it keeps frizz away. And if your hair serum is a multitasker, it will also help you get rid of hair fall and it will promote hair growth as well.
6. Take care of your diet
    – You should eat healthy foods and avoid junk food to ensure that your hair gets the necessary nutrition and that it stays healthy and well-nourished. Going on crash diets and detox regimes can vastly influence your hair health in a bad way.
Recommended Product For Natural Hair Growth

One wonder product to boost natural hair growth is the Re’equil Hair Fall Control Serum. This is a hair serum formulated using active ingredients like biotin, castor oil and aloe Vera extract. This serum is silicone free. Silicones are not good for the hair or the scalp as these block the hair follicles. Re’equil Hair Fall Control Serum contains only effective ingredients that are tested for their efficiency and are completely potent. It also includes Cressatine and Aminexil which are proven to help control hair fall and give you long, beautiful and lustrous hair. 

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