What Is Melasma?

What Is Melasma?


Are you constantly on the lookout for remedies to treat those pesky dark patches, but find yourself grumbling over constant defeat? It is certainly a horror that can affect all skin types. Melasma is difficult to banish which requires next-level patience and knowledge. A study on pesky brown patches shows that they not only affect your skin but also make you feel self-conscious. We understand it is a long-winded struggle to achieve spotless skin, but worry not as we have uncovered the perfect solution for you.

What is melasma?

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Melasma is a common skin condition that usually causes grey-brown patches on your skin, resulting in uneven skin tone. It generally develops on the face, neck and forearm.  It is more common in women than in men. Pregnancy is one of the main causes of melasma. Aside from that, various other factors such as genetics, overexposure to harmful sun rays, hormones etc., lead to melasma. 

Best tips to eliminate the appearance of melasma

  • Use sun protection
  • Wear wide-brimmed hats
  • Craft a skincare routine
  • Reap the benefits of home remedies
  • Try laser treatment


Best tips to eliminate the appearance of melasma

1. Use sun protection

Various research studies state that over-exposure to harmful UV rays are one of the main culprits that trigger melasma. The ultraviolet rays tend to stimulate the melanocytes (pigment forming cell) present in your skin, resulting in aggravating melasma. This is where the need for a sunscreen arises. A broad-spectrum sunscreen meets the highest standard of safety by shielding your skin from both UVA and UVB rays of the run. In addition, it stops your skin from provoking skin conditions like melasma while providing hydration. Avoid skipping sunscreen from your daily routine to get ideal protection. 

2. Wear wide-brimmed hats

Keep in mind that the more you are covered, the better will your chances be to avoid irking melasma and avoiding any other skin condition like sun damage. You should consider wearing wide-brimmed hats or a cotton scarf before steeping outdoors. Apart from that, adorning a pair of sunglasses will provide extra protection while giving you a chic look. 

3. Craft a skincare routine

Following a skincare routine that targets your skin concern is one of the best and effective ways to treat melasma and other skin corners. In addition, following a proper skincare routine provides your skin with nourishment thus, helping you achieve healthy and spotless skin. Consider including depigmenting creams in your skincare routine to treat melasma. Many dermatologists explain that depigmenting creams helps to treat areas of skin that are discoloured by stopping melanocytes (pigment cells) from creating melanin. Apart from that, it is important to realize that you can’t witness affective results overnight. So, follow your skincare regimen religiously to reap its benefits and achieve your skin goals. 



4. Reap the benefits of home remedies

There are various cosmetic procedures to treat melasma such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion etc. However, not only do they put a hole in your pocket but also tend to cause harmful side effects on your skin. Thus, it is wise to rely on home remedies that cause no side effects on your skin while treating your skin effectively. What’s more, since the ingredients are easily available in your pantry, it saves you from spending tons of bucks.

  • Aloe vera mask 

Aloe vera masks are known as one of the best remedies to treat melasma. Various clinical trials have explained that aloe vera contains a substance known as mucilaginous polysaccharides. It not only cures melasma but also lightens any blemishes, sun damage, discolouration etc., lending you a healthy and spotless skin. In addition, a study conducted by the National Library of Medicine unfolds that topical administration of extract called liposome-encapsulated aloe vera helps to curb melasma in pregnant women.

How to use it?

  • Add a teaspoon of fresh aloe vera gel and rosewater in a bowl. 
  • Mix it well before applying the mixture onto the affected area with the help of a cotton ball. 
  • Allow the mixture to dry before rinsing it away with water

    • Turmeric mask

    Turmeric is a popular ingredient in ayurvedic medicine. Various skin specialists explain that turmeric contains a strong antioxidant ingredient known as curcumin. It helps to brighten your skin tone while reducing melanin production, resulting in spotless skin. In addition, it flushes out any toxins present in your skin while treating unwanted pimples. 

    How to use it?

    • Add one tablespoon of turmeric powder with three tablespoons of milk in a bowl.
    • Blend the mixture well before applying it on your skin.
    • Allow it to dry before rinsing it away with water and a good cleanser.
    • Gently pat-dry your skin before applying a non-comedogenic moisturizer to provide extra nourishment to your skin. 

      Here are some more natural home remedies for pigmentation on face

    5. Try laser treatment 

    Laser treatment for pigmentation like melasma is yet another costly but effective procedure. It not only treats those pesky brown patches and dark spots but also brightens your skin tone. Top skin specialists explain that the laser treatment is focused beams that have a specific target. They break up and remove melanin or water to penetrate in your skin. The later heats up the target or pigment and destroys it, resulting in spotless and even skin tone. 


    What Is Melasma?


    As we age, our skin’s regeneration abilities begin to reduce. Hence, it is good to pay extra attention if you are dealing with any skin concerns like melasma. Neglecting your condition and avoiding precautions will only aggravate and worsen it. So, follow all the precautionary steps along with a good skincare routine to achieve your desired skin goal. Just remember, that the journey to achieve fruitful results will take its sweet time but will provide you long-lasting results. Therefore, you need to stay devoted along with constantly looking after your skin. So, without further delay, start following these tips and remedies today to achieve spotless and healthy skin and thank us later. 


    There are various ingredients present in skincare products that help to treat dark spots and melasma without damaging your skin. Top dermatologists reveal that  Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) is a key ingredient that treats melasma effectively and brightens your skin tone. What’s more, it exfoliates your skin and increases collagen production. Apart from that, Saccharum Officinarum (Sugarcane), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) etc., are some of the popular extracts present in skincare products. These help to treat discolouration while restoring collagen levels in your skin.