Is Skin Care The New Makeup?

Is Skin Care The New Makeup?


You will be amazed to know that strategical application and routine of your skin care can possibly eliminate the need for makeup? Makeup can be an amazing medium to accentuate your features and natural beauty. However, skin care is extremely pivotal if you wish to attain a healthy, smooth and radiant canvas of skin. Not only a healthy and radiant skin boosts your self-confidence but also helps to prevent any skin woe. The awareness towards proper skin care routine is making waves into the industry which is leading towards a notion of skin care being the new makeup. 

In the 20s 



The twenties are the time to flaunt your youthful and glowing skin while also safeguarding it from numerous environmental stressors. A study conducted in the International Journal of Molecular Science elaborates the damaging effects of UV radiations in causing several skin care ailments like hyperpigmentation, skin peeling etc. Hence, numerous dermatologists explain the importance of broad-spectrum sunscreen in your everyday skin care routine. A broad-spectrum sunscreen helps in preventing both UVA and UVB rays of the sun from reaching out to your skin. It helps in inhibiting premature ageing and keeping your skin healthy. Furthermore, you can easily and effectively replace sunscreen as your primer for a smooth and flawless base. 

In the 30s  



Your thirties are the time when your skin starts showing signs of ageing such as fine lines. Several reasons such as exposure to pollution, harmful UV rays, stress can possibly lead to the development of several other skin ailments. What’s more, it’s the decade when numerous females go through pregnancy and undergo skin changes like pigmentation. As a consequence, leading specialists recommend including various extracts and skin brightening ingredients in your skin care regime. Fruit derived AHAs (Alpha hydroxy acids) like Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit/ Leaf Extract and Saccharum Officinarum (Sugarcane) Extracts are some of the most popular and noteworthy ingredients to consider. They help in exfoliating your skin gently while improving the skin texture and lending a youthful glow.

In the 40s and 50s 



With the progression in age, the natural cycle of your skin starts to slow down which leads to a decrease in collagen production.  In the forties and fifties, your skin starts to soften and sag. This is when your skin is in need for some extra nourishment along with potent antioxidants. Top experts recommend reaping the benefits of numerous humectants. A study conducted in 2017 found that humectants help in skin cell regeneration which not only helps you maintain a youthful appearance but also achieve overall skin integrity. Hyaluronic acid is one such excellent humectant which has astonished the skin care industry with its numerous benefits and promising results. Topical use of hyaluronic acid helps to effectually hydrate your skin while improving its natural glow. 

 Is Skin Care The New Makeup?


Finding the correct set of skin care ingredients and routine is almost like finding a soulmate for your skin. Not only it makes your skin goals a lot easier but also promotes optimum skin health. However, we understand that the plethora of ingredients present in the market can easily overwhelm you. Which is why understanding your skin concerns while acknowledging the benefits that the ingredients bring along is primarily the best way to start building your skin care regime


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