7 Best Hairstyles For Large Foreheads

7 Best Hairstyles For Large Foreheads


Have you been self-criticizing yourself since the last epiphany you had over your slightly larger forehead as compared to others? We understand that this may not only affect your appearance but also plant a seed of insecurity, thus impacting your self-confidence and mental wellbeing. It is essential to accept that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own ways. However, there is no harm in working on yourself or the things that make you feel anxious. In fact, there are a bazillion ways to overcome your insecurity in a healthy manner. Top stylists explain that one of the best ways to gracefully outshine your appearance is by diverting attention to your key features. We realize that you must be feeling utterly confused, but fret not as we have just the solution for you. 


  • Straight bob with bangs 
  • Wavy bob with side-swept bangs 
  • Parted curly manes
  • Pixie cut with fringe 
  • Middle part with volume 
  • Messy up-do 
  • Double braid with wispy bangs


7 Best Hairstyles For Large Foreheads

1. Straight bob with bangs 

Diving headfirst into flattering bangs along with a straight bob is certainly a wise choice for people with a fairly narrow face and a large forehead. What’s more, it is also known as one of the best hairstyles for frizzy hair. Top hairstylists explain that a straight bob delivers a definition to your facial features, whereas, the natural coloured bangs reduce the appearance of a large forehead. Moreover, many experts elucidate that a straight bob hairstyle along with bangs lends a chic vibe to one’s overall personality. You can always spice up your hairdo by colouring your manes according to your liking.

2. Wavy bob with side-swept bangs 

The wavy bob with side-swept bangs is a quirky and expressive hairstyle. It helps to bring out your personality while lending retro vibes to your everyday look. Aside from that, it is an extremely fuss-free hairdo with little to no maintenance. The side-swept bangs cut the width of a broad forehead, thereby,  making it appear more narrow. Remember, the volume of your manes play a huge role in this hairstyle. The most effective method to enhance the volume of your manes is by keeping them hydrated and nourished. Studies show that religiously applying a silicone-sulphate conditioner will provide just the amount of hydration and depth that your hair requires. 

3. Parted curly manes

You might be surprised to know that you don’t require choppy bangs or wispy fringes cascading down in order to make your forehead appear smaller. Instead, allowing your curls to flow down freely is just a simple yet effective way to attain the desired look. Stylists confirm that adding tons of volume to your curls help in adding a dimension. Apart from that, it also helps in effortlessly bringing out your facial features. 

4. Pixie cut with fringe 

Did you know that a pixie cut with light fringe is a perfect solution for someone who absolutely despises spending hours fretting over their manes every day? Not only does this hairstyle strategically covers up your forehead but also helps in accentuating the slim of your neck. Not to mention, the pixie cut adds heaps of volume on the top of your head, thus allowing you to experiment with your fringes. 

5. Middle part with volume 

Bangs for big foreheads is undoubtedly an exception tool. However, you don’t necessarily require them, especially if you have long and thick tresses. Parting your hair in the middle and allowing them to cascade down your shoulders helps to break up the look of a large square forehead. Remember, adding heaps of volume at the top of your head may seem counterproductive, however it actually brings a balance to your overall appearance. 

6. Messy up-do 

The messy up-do is a time-saving and classic hairdo for formal get-togethers and festivities. Numerous hairstylists confirm that this high volume hairdo allows you to skillfully conceal the broad parts of your forehead, hence making it appear narrow. Besides, leaving some tendrils free helps to highlight your collarbone while making your jawline appear sharp. 

7. Double braid with wispy bangs

Purposeful wispy bangs along with messy double braids make a perfect combination to camouflage naturally thin hair or a large forehead. This relaxed double braid hairstyle delivers a sporty and carefree look without framing your entire face. Moreover, it is extremely easy and low maintenance. 

7 Best Hairstyles For Large Foreheads


These hairstyles will surely solve the purpose of making your forehead appear shorter without compromising your overall appearance. Moreover, these hairstyles will assist in delivering a refreshing change to your everyday look. However, it is pivotal to acknowledge that there is a slim difference between self-criticizing and understanding the fact that no one is perfect. Undoubtedly so, everyone has revelations about themselves and there is no harm in working on yourself. But, it is equally important to cherish what you have and feel confident in it. 


Many trichologists recommend following a proper everyday hair care routine religiously. A hair care routine suitable for your scalp and hair type not only ensures the health of your manes but also helps in attaining your hair goals. What’s more, it protects your scalp and manes from changing seasons and harsh UV rays. The trichologists further elaborate that having an understanding between healthy and harmful ingredients present in your hair care products is always a good trait. 


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