5 Effective Ways To Manage Frizzy Hair In Rainy Season

5 Effective Ways To Manage Frizzy Hair In Rainy Season

Monsoon is at the doorstep ! We are all set to have fun and good times. Like everything else is so perfect about this weather, why can’t our hair be the same - well tamed and smooth? This question bothers almost everyone during monsoon months.

Well, you are not alone in this. Frizzy and rough hair are the concerns that mostly happen in the rainy season than any other months of the year. It becomes very important to spare some time for hair taming because rainy weather is not very friendly to your tresses. 

Before switching to the solutions, we are here to make you understand why frizzy hair occur during the rainy season.

Major reason for frizzy hair in monsoon

Keratin is the major structural fibrous protein that makes up 70-90% of your hair. It helps to provide protection to cuticles and tensile strength to hair. These keratin protein molecules bond together through weak and strong chemical bonds -

  • Disulfide Bonds - This type of bond is permanent and is responsible for hair strength. It usually remains unaffected by humidity levels.

  • Hydrogen Bonds - These are temporary bonds and are responsible only for one - third strength of hair. They account for hair elasticity and can be reset by “water and heat”. Water and heat break down these hydrogen bonds temporarily which changes the shape and structure of hair. 
  • In the rainy season, due to the elevated levels of high humidity, water molecules penetrate into hair. This breaks older hydrogen bonds and forms more new hydrogen bonds, this results in the alternated shape of each strand from neighboring ones.

    5 easy tips to get rid of frizzy hair
    1. Use a mild shampoo to protect hair’s natural oils in high humid weather 

    The number tip to avoid frizzy hair in rainy reason is to replace your shampoo with  mild hair cleansers. 

    The reason is washing your hair with a shampoo that has strong cleansing properties can leave your hair more frizzy and dehydrated by removing natural oils. Try to look for the one which is free of sulphates and has mild cleansing action.


    Why To Avoid Sulphates In Your Shampoo

      Ingredients To Look For In Shampoo For Healthy And Luscious Hair 
      • Biotin

      Scientifically evaluated that Biotin or B7 is a great ingredient to  keep hair healthy and strong. If you are dealing with frizzy and rough hair, biotin is the one ingredient that should be present in your hair. It deeply nourishes the cuticles and fortifies the strands from within.

      •  Nasturtium officinale Extract (watercress)

      This herb is known to be a  rich source of many hair friendly  ingredients like antioxidants, vitamin C & A, and flavonoids. All of them work to repair the rough and brittle hair while restoring natural hair shine.

      • Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins

      Shampoo that comes with the goodness of hydrolyzed wheat proteins does a wonderful job of hair conditioning for your hair. These proteins help to improve hair shine, repair the damaged cuticles, and add more volume to hair. To add to this, they help to strengthen hair follicles and stop the hair fall.

      2. Tame monsoon frizz and get smooth hair with anti - frizz hair conditioners

      Investing in an anti-frizz hair conditioner is the need of the hour to get rid of frizzy hair during monsoon season.  

      Frizz fighting conditioners are especially designed to repair the hair that are damaged due to the seasonal season, heat treatments, and poor hair care habits. Application of conditioner after shampoo helps to repair damaged cuticles and give them a frizz free, smooth, and shiny look.

      Benefits of hair conditioners

      3. For rainy season, replace your regular combs with wooden combs to avoid frizz

      Just like your hair care products, your comb should not be abrasive for your hair. 

      Plastic combs create static charge and friction in, making the hair appear frizzy. On the other hand, wooden combs are a bad conductor of electricity and are much gentle on hair. Wooden comb detangle the hair very smoothly and easily without causing any hair breakage. 

      4.  Deeply condition your hair to reverse and repair seasonal damage

      When you have the right hair mask with you, then frizz shouldn’t worry you. 

      Hair masks are more capable of penetrating the deeper layer of hair to deliver intense  nourishment and moisturization. Put simply, hair mask are all in one solution to brittle, thirsty, dull, and weak hair

      Added benefit is, hair masks form a protective layer around hair to keep them safe from external wear and tear.


      How To Use A Hair Mask?

      • Slightly wet your hair
      • Take desired quantity into your palm
      • Apply onto hair working from root to the hair length
      • Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes
      • Wash it off with a mild sulphate free shampoo
      • For best results use twice in a week
      5. Don't punish monsoon frizzy hair with heating tools

      While we all love using heat styling tools to make different hair styles. However, frequent use of these tools during the humid weather of monsoon can cause long term damage to hair. Heat generated by these tools break the hydrogen bonds of hair, this deforms the hair structure. Also, these tools damage the cuticle and leave them open, allowing easy escape of moisture. To avoid dry, damaged, and rough hair avoid heating tools. 


      Seasons come and go, but that doesn’t mean that your hair needs to as well. As we keep witnessing a change in the weather, it goes without saying that you need to take additional care of your hair. At such times, daily hair care tips can give your hair the breathing space it deserves, no matter what the climate is outside. Though perfect hair is unachievable, you can certainly keep your locks smooth and shiny by fighting unwanted frizz intelligently. Wear your crowning glory with confidence and leave an ever-lasting impression wherever you go.