Dark Neck: Everything You Need To Know

Dark Neck: Everything You Need To Know

Dark Neck: Everything You Need To Know

Seeing someone with clearer and radiant skin unconsciously invades your confidence. On the contrary, noticeable dark skin creates a negative self-image by making you feel embarrassed and conscious all the time.  Skin discoloration is a common problem, which usually affects your face, neck, arms, and legs.  As per dermatologists, the unknown changes in your skin tone on exposed body parts could be the result of a lack of enough skin care. The rough and dark neck is also considered a consequence of not providing needed nourishment, protection, and hydration. So take a breather and stop stressing about your dark and velvety neck as we are here to help you. If you have a comparatively darker neck than the rest of the body, it is the time to pay some extra attention to your neck skin.  A research study published in Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology has elaborated on the benefits of topical products in reducing skin pigmentation and improving skin color in the neck area.


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What is a dark neck?

Dark neck is a common skin problem in which your neck skin appears rough, dull, and black as compared to the rest of the body skin.  It is a common misconception that dark skin around the neck is the only caused by the lack of personal hygiene. However, countless other reasons might lead to velvety neck skin.

Common causes

  • Acanthosis Nigricans
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun exposure
  • Skin infections

Treatments available 

  1. Try topical skin care products
  2. Slough away dead skin cells
  3. Don’t miss your neck when putting on sunscreen 
  4. Get into the habit of moisturizing your neck daily
  5. Consider laser lightening  treatment

Solutions for dark neck

1. Try topical skin care products

Skins lightening topical creams are the latest innovations in the cosmeceutical field to attain the smooth texture and even skin tone around the neck. In 2008, a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology Symposium Proceedings (JIDSP) has elaborated the efficacy of botanical extracts as topical agents to reduce the skin discolorations.

To address the pigmentation issues in neck skin, topical products containing the Mucor Miehei extract have been found to be quite beneficial. Mucor miehei is procured from Japanese Mucor Miehei mushroom. It is known to stimulate the natural shedding of dead cells to rejuvenate your dead and tired neck skin. The special advantage of this skin care ingredient is that it does not cause damage to the epidermal barrier, thereby making it safe for all skin types.

2. Slough away dead skin cells

Exfoliation is a process that helps to improve the texture and tone of the skin by removing the dead cell build up.  Another significant benefit of exfoliation is that it helps to unclog your pores, hence reducing the chances of acne and blemishes. Being an exposed skin area, a lot of dirt, grime, and other impurities keep accumulating on your neck, which gives your neck a dull and rough appearance. Hence, exfoliating your neck gently once in a week is considered quite helpful to clear congested skin.

3. Don’t miss your neck when putting on sunscreen 

Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Michael Kassardjian explains that your neck is one of those overlooked body areas which you unintentionally forget while applying sunscreen. However, unprotected exposure to UV radiations can cause potential damage to your neck skin in the form of hyperpigmentation, early signs of wrinkling, and tanned skin. 

Both UVA and UVB radiations trigger the melanin production, a skin pigment liable for the darkening of the skin. Hence, to protect your neck from sun damage, it is imperative to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen half an hour before going outdoors. Additionally, you should also consider choosing the clothing styles that can shield you from the sun.

4. Get into the habit of moisturizing your neck daily

Applying moisturizer on your neck area is an important tip for taking care of your neck skin.  Dermatologists explain that skin on your neck is thinner than facial skin. With the progression of time, the thin skin begins to lose its elasticity which gives rise to creases and necklines. It is important to invest in a moisturizer that can offer hydration to the deeper layers of skin. Hyaluronic acid and ceramide-based moisturizers are known to strengthen the moisture barrier of the skin to enhance the youthfulness of skin.

5. Consider laser lightening treatment

In such cosmetic procedures, a strong beam of light is focused on the skin to remove melasma or any other skin discoloration. Laser lightening treatments work by reducing the number of melanin cells in your skin. Such methods are considered safe and successful to a certain extent. However, before undergoing laser treatment, it is strictly advised to discuss the pros and cons with an experienced dermatologist. A study published in the International Journal of Women's Dermatology has mentioned that laser-based treatments pose the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and prolonged redness of the skin.


Solutions for dark neck


Lack of a proper skin care regimen is figured out as the real cause of dull, discolored, and rough neck skin.  Hence, to keep your neck skin at its best, it is important to build a daily skin care routine. Investing in neck skin lightening products infused with the right topical agents can help you to get spotless, healthy, and vibrant skin. Most importantly, you should find the right neck care creams, which have negligible effects on your skin. A research study published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery has mentioned the safety concern regarding the use of common skin bleaching agents like hydroquinone and kojic acid etc. Above all, ardently follow these tips and preventive measures to flaunt your beautiful neck with confidence every day.


In most cases, dark neck is not a worrisome problem. However, in rare cases it could be a sign of any underlying health conditions.  Visiting the dermatologist or skin care experts would be only beneficial for you.

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