3 Ways to Follow by Curly Girls

3 Ways to Follow by Curly Girls

Ever heard about the CG method or no-poo method? Are you very selective while buying hair care products just because you wish to flaunt your hair to the world? Well, I am sure, if you have curly hair naturally, you must have heard about Lorraine Massey, the founder of Devachan Salons. The book Curly Girl: The Handbook is the reason behind this widely followed Curly Girl Method.

Curly hair method is best hair care for people who have naturally curly or wavy hair. Constant use of harsh shampoos or heat styling tools strips the natural oils from hair and finally makes them dry. So, this method helps to prevent the loss of all the natural oils. However, for straight hair, this is not a major concern as sebum easily reaches to hair shaft while coils of curly hair don’t allow the sebum to reach the ends, ultimately leaving hair dry, fizzy, and damaged.


Having curly hair must have been a difficult task for you definitely. Frizzy and damaged hair with uneven texture must have been your best friend over all this time. But it’s now time to say ‘no more’. Let us know what the curly girl method says and what is in it which makes the people so mad over the curly hair care.





Curly Girl Method is also known as ‘no-poo’ method because it says no to shampoos especially in order to avoid silicones which damage the hair by getting deposited on the scalp over a period of time which block the hair follicles, sulphates which remove the necessary oils and nutrients from the scalp in order to remove silicones and parabens which are cancer-causing chemicals. Read here to know more   Massey focused on three steps throughout her book: cleanse, condition, and style irrespective of the type of hair you have. Let us see what steps you will have to follow in order to follow the curly girl method:

1. Cleaning of scalp


Cleanse with a mild and gentle shampoo which is free from sulphates, silicones, and parabens in order to remove all the dirt from the scalp and clean it properly. It is necessary to cleanse with a shampoo free from such harmful chemicals as they harm the scalp by getting deposited over a period of time and clog the hair follicles.

2. Conditioning


 Condition your locks with a good conditioner free from silicones and parabens and let it stay in your hair for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it with cold water.

  1. Set your hair

After conditioning, blot your hair with a towel and apply natural gels or moisturizer. You can also prefer using leave-in conditioners.


Do you also feel that the curly girl method is very easy? Well, it is as easy as you are thinking of it to be. But before you start practising this method regularly, you need to take care of certain rituals for curly hair care like:

  1. Get your hair trimmed regularly. Get them trimmed before you start this method.
  2. Use the shampoo you have been using regularly for one last time to get rid of all the dirt, oil, and residue left on your scalp.
  3. After that, switch to a sulphate-free shampoo and shift to no-poo or low-poo shampoo. This will not only help your hair but will also help the environment as it reduces the need and use of water.
  4. Look for a good hair serum or leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized after the hair wash. But make sure that whatever hair care product you choose is free from sulphates, silicones, and parabens.
  5. Avoid using combs to brush your hair. Use your fingers or wide toothed combs to detangle them.







Use gentle cleansing actions and ingredients.

Don’t  shampoo

Try to use protein-rich formulas.


Avoid using products containing alcohol and artificial fragrance.


Prefer moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera and glycerin.


Do not use heating and styling products.


Use sulphate and silicone free hair care products.


Do not use hair brushes or combs.


Get split-ends trimmed regularly.


Avoid hair perfumes.


Use natural hair emmolients.

Avoid products with silicones and sulphates.



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