Combination Hair: Manage Oily Scalp And Dry Ends

Combination Hair: Manage Oily Scalp And Dry Ends


Does your scalp appear extremely oily while the ends of your hair give away the dry and frizzy vibes? Having a bad hair ‘moment’ every day can possibly take away the charm from your hair care ritual while also leave you feeling frustrated and irksome. Moreover, numerous studies reveal that it can also give rise to scepticism towards self-image. While there is no golden elixir available in the market to magically cure combination hair but with certain strategies, you can effectively manage your hair concerns and improve hair health. 


  • Find the correct shampoo
  • Improve your shampooing tactics
  • Don't avoid hair conditioners
  • Try champi sessions
  • Upgrade hair brushing strategy


Strategies For Combination hair: Manage oily scalp and dry ends


1. Find the correct shampoo

Combination hair usually requires more attention as compared to others. Undeniably so, finding the right shampoo helps to manage your hair concerns along with improving hair integrity. Top trichologists explain that combination hair requires a mild shampoo that effectually wards off excess oil and dead skin cells present on the scalp while also hydrates the ends. 

2. Improve your shampooing tactics

Are you in a habit of washing your hair too often? Studies unravel that over-washing can likely do more harm to your manes than good. To put it simply, washing your manes frequently in order to get rid of the excess oil disrupts the pH level of your scalp and hair. Instead, forming a proper hair care regime is the best way to attain your hair goals without damaging them in the process. Speaking of, many experts recommend washing your scalp and hair with a mild and silicone-sulphate free shampoo at least twice a week followed by a hair conditioner. 

3. Don't avoid hair conditioners

There are a vast number of benefits that hair conditioners bring along.  Recent research studies show that a conditioner helps to minimize the dryness and frizziness from the tips of your manes by infusing moisture back. What’s more, it builds a protective layer around your hair cuticles. This further protects your manes from any environmental stressors, heating tools, harsh chemicals etc. Leading trichologists emphasize the importance of hair conditioners and recommend including it in your daily regime, despite your hair and scalp type. 



4. Try champi sessions

A research conducted by the International Journal of Trichology explains that hot oil treatment is a must, mainly for combination hair alongside dry and frizzy manes. Frequent champi sessions are best scalp exercises which not only treat your hair concerns but also improve the overall hair integrity. Furthermore, many trichologists state that the hot oil treatment lessens the impact of any frictions or any physical damage induced on your manes, hence treating your combination hair. 

5. Upgrade hair brushing strategy

The yearning to accomplish a decent hairstyle usually leads toward a ‘tug of war’ with the brushes and combs every morning, chiefly if you are someone with combination hair. This results in a bad hair day alongside a frenzied morning. As a consequence, numerous specialists recommend forming a combing strategy. The experts unfold that using a soft-bristle, wide-toothed comb to gently brush through your manes will help to distribute the oil present on your scalp to the ends. 


Combination hair: Manage oily scalp and dry ends 

Tackling combination hair may be tricky however with proper attention and care you can manage them, effectually. Including these strategies in your routine while following a proper regime will certainly help you attain your hair goals. Taking necessary precautions and being vary of the ingredients present in your hair care products will make your hair care journey far easier. 




Many hair specialists emphasize on indulging in a deep-conditioning therapy for your scalp and hair. The experts further elaborate that incorporating a hair mask in your weekly hair care regime is benefiting as well as an economical way to keep up with your hair health. Not only a hair mask nourishes your tresses but also offers you a well-deserved pamper session. A study presented in the US National Library of Medicine states that Hydrolysed pea protein, Ceramides & Omega-3 fatty acids are some of the main ingredients to look for in a hair mask. This dynamic formulation helps to restore your hair elasticity while adding extra shine.