6 Best & Simple Skin Care Tips For Men

6 Best & Simple Skin Care Tips For Men

Knowingly or unknowingly, the beauty industry for centuries has been one of those few industries in the world that have always had a platonic relationship with men. Contrary to the belief that beauty tips for men are just as essential as it is for women, the attention given by the former gender is relatively lesser. There are rare chances to hear men discussing men's beauty products, glowing skin or lustrous hair etc. The primary reason behind this ignorance is the rules of the ‘bro-code’.However, it is pivotal to understand the importance and benefits of beauty tips for men.  A thesis presented by Karlstad university indicated that the number of men who use skincare products feel that it not only improves their skin and hair but also their self-confidence orderly.  So, if you eagerly want to try out beauty tips but still are apprehensive then worry not, we understand and are here to help you. Be assured that you are not alone, having good skin and hair is just as important as owning good clothes.  Hence, let’s break this ‘bro-code’ once and for all to achieve the well- needed routine.

Best skin care tips for men
  • Skin type
  • Daily cleansing
  • Skin moisturization
  • Skin exfoliation
  • Trimming and shaving
  • Haircare

    6 Best beauty tips for men


    1. Skin type

      Healthy skincare for men begins with determining and understanding your skin type. Once you understand that, choosing the best skincare routine for your specific need becomes easier. This is a prerequisite because the care that goes into attending an acne-prone skin varies from that for dry skin. 

      Observe closely to discern if the paper accumulates oil from the t-zone of your face, which hints at a combination skin. If the tissue paper picks oil from all over your face, then that reflects oily skin. If it doesn’t pick any oil, that indicates a normal skin. However, if you notice any flakiness then it is a sign of dry skin. It is essential to realize that determining your skin type will lead you to develop a suitable skincare regime. 

      2. Daily cleansing

      Do you remember constantly whining and complaining like a child when your mother made you wash your face twice daily? Well, she was right all along. Many studies explain that cleansing your skin daily is pivotal to maintain healthy skin. A cleanser helps to clear off all the dirt and unwanted debris present on your skin. Apart from this, many studies indicate that it also helps to boost hydration, while regulating sebum production. 

      Top dermatologists explain that it is good to use a non-comedogenic face cleanser to wash your face. It cleanses away all the dirt and impurities away without clogging the pores and making the skin dry.

      3. Skin moisturization 

      It is vital to understand the importance of moisturizer in a skincare regimen. It helps to retain the moisture within your skin while replenishing the hydration your skin loses daily. Apart from this, a recent study states that moisturization also prevents any signs of skin ageing, while boosting its defence mechanism. Applying a moisturizer that is skin type appropriate is highly important. 

      For instance, if you have an oily or combination skin, then an oil-free and lightweight moisturizer will easily get absorbed into your skin while lending it a smooth finish. However, a moisturizer containing Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid locks the moisture in the upper layer of your skin. It will not only prevent dehydration but also provide relief to your skin from any itching and unwanted inflammation.

      4. Skin exfoliation

      Undoubtedly, it is pivotal to exfoliate your skin. Your body produces new skin cells due to which a small number of cells are left behind that tends to clog skin pores. That’s where exfoliation comes as a saviour. Mild exfoliation unclogs the pores of your skin while boosting blood circulation. It also helps to prevent acne and maintain an even skin tone. However, restrict exfoliation to once every week as over-exfoliation can cause more harm than good to your skin.

      You can even opt for an all-natural-route when it comes to exfoliation. The best place is to pick ingredients from your kitchen. AHA’s (Alpha hydroxy acids)  are one such natural exfoliator which is known to be great for clearing dark spots, brown spots and pigmentation from the face. Apart from being a great exfoliator, its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties offer a natural glow. 

      5. Trimming and shaving

      Good beards don’t happen by chance. If you want an impressive beard that gives a boost to your personality; then you need a smart beard grooming routine and techniques. The very basis and main step of maintaining a good beard are making sure that your skin is clean from any dirt and unwanted debris before you start trimming or shaving your beard. Apart from that, always double-check if your skin is hydrated before you begin. 

      Consider using disposable razors as they help to avoid unwanted skin infections. Apply a suitable shaving cream suitable on your dry face before shaving for the best results.

      6. Haircare

      There is no doubt that your hair needs regular care to achieve and maintain healthy hair. A common mistake that most men make is washing their hair more times than required. Many studies claim that you should limit washing your hair to twice or thrice a week with a silicone- sulphate free, non-comedogenic shampoo appropriate for your hair type. Follow it with a silicone- sulphate free conditioner. Applying a conditioner helps to prevent hair breakage while lending you soft and smooth hair. Make sure to avoid rubbing your hair rigorously while drying, since that tends to make it vulnerable to damage, thereby leading them to excessive breakage.

        6 Best beauty tips for men    

      Ignoring a proper skincare routine may end up in premature ageing, acne, skin damage. Aside from that, you can control any hair issues by looking after it and religiously following a hair care regimen that is suitable for your hair and scalp type. It is wise to incorporate these beauty tips for men into your skincare routine gradually at a speed you are comfortable with. These beauty tips for men will not only help you look and feel better but more importantly, feel confident about yourself while improving your personal care and hygiene.



      Irrespective to say, sunscreen is a basic building block in a skincare routine. It maintains the overall health and appearance of your skin, irrespective of the gender. One of the most important benefits of sunscreen is skin protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Apart from this, several studies conclude that sunscreen also helps to maintain an even complexion of your skin while preventing premature ageing. Consider using a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is high in SPF, which ensures the safety of your skin for considerably longer hours.