Why Use Hair Conditioner? It's Uses And Benefits

Why Should You Use Hair Conditioner? It's Uses And Benefits

Changes in weather, drastic levels of pollution and a busy and fast paced life- all these factors take a slow and steady toll on our bodies, skin and hair. 

While we do take good care of our skin and our faces we do sometimes forget that our hair needs the same amount of care as well. Most people just shampoo their hair regularly and stop at that. They do not take the time to condition and nourish their hair as well. 

Uses of Hair Conditioner

It is surprising to know that many people do not have clarity about why use a hair conditioner and what does hair conditioner actually do. It is pertinent to understand the need to use conditioner and what does a conditioner do for hair. 

Just like a cold cream is used in the winters to impart moisture and nourishment to the skin, similarly a conditioner is used to impart moisture to the hair. Our hair is basically cells that are no longer alive. This means that the cells of the hair strands have no way of getting moisture from the scalp. The hair strands must be provided with external moisture in order to keep them soft and manageable. Without this moisture, the hair strands become dry, frizzy and very fragile. This leads to hair breakage and unruly, unmanageable and brittle hair. 

The only way to provide moisture and nourishment to our hair is by applying an anti-frizz and smoothening conditioner like the Babassu Anti Frizz And Smoothening Conditioner by Re’equil on a regular basis. As already mentioned, hair is made of dead cells, so the moisture cannot be retained by it. Hence, the nourishment must be infused repeatedly to ensure soft and better looking hair. 

Benefits of a conditioner

Many people often wonder what is the point of conditioner. One should understand that the point of applying conditioner is not only to enhance the look of the hair. While that too is one of the most beneficial uses of hair conditioner, there are other benefits as well. One of those benefits is that conditioner makes hair smooth and soft. This prevents tugging and breaking of hair. This in turn allows for smooth brushing and combing. Thus, breakage is reduced and it is easier to manage and style hair. Dry hair is also associated with frizz. Frizzy hair is often very brittle and fragile. Using a conditioner helps in controlling the frizz and keeping hair smooth. This makes hair stronger and keeps breakage away. 

Apart from the above, the obvious benefits of a good conditioner are that it makes the hair shinier and softer. Hair becomes smoother to touch and lustrous to look at. It is soft and easy to style. One does not need to tug at hair to style it and brush it. Instead, well-conditioned hair is also strong and has a healthy sheen to it. 



When should you use conditioner?

One can use conditioner as often as one shampoos the hair. As most shampoos are harsh on the hair and can rob the hair of any moisture, it becomes important to condition right after a head wash. One might shampoo hair as often as desired from as frequent as every day to as infrequent as once a week. Whatever the frequency of the head bath, conditioner should be applied right after a good shampoo. Also, it suggested to shampoo and condition the hair at least twice a week to maintain hygiene and keep hair in good condition. 

What to look for in a good conditioner?

While choosing a conditioner, look for one that does not clog the pores on the scalp. A silicone free conditioner like the Babassu Anti Frizz And Smoothening Conditioner by Re’equil is non-comedogenic and is dermatologically tested. It has safe ingredients and has clinically proven actives that smoothen the hair and provide it with nourishment and moisture. Using this regularly greatly helps in keeping hair soft and smooth and imparting to it a sheen and healthy luster.

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