Seaweed Extract: Its Potential Uses For Skin

Seaweed Extract: Its Potential Uses For Skin


Fun experiment: Walk into a skin care store of your choice and take a cursory glance around the aisle. You will most likely notice the shelves brimming with skin care products consisting of natural ingredients and botanical extracts. 

Skin care regimes and products have evolved with time, however, one thing that remains unequivocally same is the involvement of natural ingredients and extracts. Interestingly enough, seaweed is yet another humble ingredient that has recently captured the interest of numerous experts and enthusiasts due to its astounding skin benefits. If you are an admirer of Japanese cuisine then you must be well aware of the countless health and skin boons that this nutrient-rich ingredient brings along. What’s more, a study presented in the US National Library of Medicine emphasizes the possible skin care properties of seaweed while unfolding its promising application for optimum skin protection.


Seaweed is a form of marine plants and algae that grows deep in the sea, oceans and rivers. An article published in the US National Library of Medicine unravels that a copious amount of seaweed plant is present in the water bodies. According to the research article, seaweed extracts are infused with the goodness of vitamins, amino acids, proteins, minerals etc. that are known to pose benefits, not just for your skin but overall health. 


  • Prevents premature skin ageing
  • Reduces acne and pimples
  • Delivers optimum hydration
  • Lends brightening effects


Seaweed Extract: Its Potential Uses For Skin

1. Prevents premature skin ageing

While ageing is a natural process, but the sudden realization of it can be worrisome, to put it mildly. Albeit, what makes it frightening is when your skin starts showing signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines etc. way earlier than expected. This is where the importance of sourcing and fusing the best anti-ageing ingredients in your daily skin care routine becomes apparent. A research study conducted in 2019 unravels that seaweed is enriched with the goodness of antioxidants, amino acids etc. These properties infused in seaweed helps to promote the collagen production which eventually prevents premature ageing while offering you youthful-looking skin. 

2. Reduces acne and pimples

Various studies have found that the topical application of seaweed extracts help in maintaining and regulating excessive sebum (oil) production. This eventually helps to decrease and combat any pimples and acne-causing bacteria, thus offering you pimple and acne-free canvas.

3. Delivers optimum hydration

Numerous skin experts and enthusiasts emphasize the importance of incorporating seaweed in skin care routines, chiefly for people who deal with dry and flaky skin. Seaweed is packed with humectants that help to draw moisture from the environment to your skin. Whereas, the vitamin E present in seaweed makes it a hydrating remedy for dry skin. The staggering amount of properties present in seaweed helps you attain healthy and nourished skin without harming it in the process.   

4. Lends brightening effects

Seaweed contains an essential nutrient known as Niacin which is a form of vitamin B-3. A recent analysis has found that incorporating seaweed extracts in your skin care helps to get rid of dark spots effectively. What’s more, it promotes an even skin tone while delivering brightening effects on your skin. 




Research articles clarify that using a moisturizer or a facial toner containing seaweed extracts is so-far one of the best ways to reap its maximum benefits without damaging your skin in the process. Doing so helps in promoting your skin health while arresting and preventing any skin woes like acne, pigmentation, sun damage etc.