Curly Hair Tips For Spring And Summer

Curly Hair Tips For Spring And Summer


The days are getting warmer and the sun is staying out longer. However, that is not the only thing that summers and spring bring along. Much to your dismay, the pathway to summers and spring brings an increase in humidity which eventually starts taking a toll on your hair integrity.

If you are noticing a sudden change in the physical structure of your curly hair, then you have your answer. We understand that the fluctuation in seasons can certainly be tough on your manes. The products and processes that were working so well on your curls, suddenly seem to have quite the opposite results. This not only affects the appearance of your curly hair but also makes you extremely self-conscious about them. 

A fairly recent study explains that the curly hair is much more porous compared to other hair types. In other words, it allows water to wander out of your curly manes into the environment in dry weather. This allows more moisture to relocate into the cortex of your curls in humid weather, thereby making your curls dry, frizzy and unmanageable. 


  • Detangle curls gently
  • Consider regular trims
  • Cleanse your manes
  • Don't avoid hair conditioners
  • Choose styling products consciously


Curly Hair Tips for Spring And Summer


1. Detangle curls gently

During summers, your hair tends to become matte and fragile. This is usually due to an increase in perspiration (sweating). One of the best ways to keep the delicate curls intact without demolishing the curl pattern is by gently detangling the manes with your fingers. The finger detangling method minimizes the frizziness while helping you attain voluminous and bouncy curls

2. Consider regular trims

It is safe to say that nothing complements great curls more than a good trimming session from time to time. Trimming the ends of your curls helps in preventing the knots from forming in your curls, thereby obstructing frizzy and messy curls. In addition, it helps in maintaining the spectrum of your curl pattern. Top hair stylists unfold that a good haircut or trimming session enhances the natural curl pattern of your hair while forming well-defined ringlets.

3. Cleanse your manes

 Keeping your scalp clean is by-far an effective method to maintain your hair integrity. Cleansing your scalp with a silicone-sulphate free shampoo helps in warding away any dirt or debris, thereby preventing hair woes like hair fall, dandruff etc. Furthermore, it prevents any weighing down of curls while increasing the curl volume. Many hair care experts advise cleansing your curly manes at least twice a week, mainly during summers and spring.

4. Don't avoid hair conditioners

Curly hair requires heaps of nourishment and hydration, irrespective of the season. This is where the importance of conditioners becomes apparent. Using a generous amount of conditioner on your wash days will help in moisturizing your curls without overwhelming or weighing them down. In concordance with recent studies, Murumuru Seed Butter alongside Hydrolyzed Pea Protein are some of the key ingredients to look for in hair conditioners. Together these ingredients assist in redefining and enhancing your curls while adding extra volume and bounce. 

5. Choose styling products consciously

With the myriad of styling products available in the market, the excitement of personalizing hair care routine is unimaginable. However, whilst you are taking a cursory glance at the aisles brimmed with leave-in conditioners, mousse, gel etc. it is also imperative to be conscious of the ingredients present in them. A study conducted in 2017 confirms the presence of harsh ingredients like parabens, sulphates etc. in hair care products. A renowned Trichologist Anabel Kingsley explains that harsh chemical ingredients remove the oils from the scalp, hence making your hair excessively dry and irritated. As a consequence, we would advise you to always choose your styling products consciously. 


Curly Hair Tips For Spring And Summer


Determining your curl pattern and concerns while following these steps will surely help you renew your curly hair integrity. Remember, neglecting your hair concerns will only cause more harm to your curls. As a result, we would advise you to stay consistent and devoted with your hair care routine while taking necessary precautions. 




Believe it or not, a hair mask is the ultimate BFF of curly hair. A hair mask helps in restoring any dryness by providing optimum nourishment to your curls while reducing frizziness. Hydrolysed Pea Protein alongside Ceramides and Omega-3 fatty acids are some of the key ingredients present in a hair mask for curly hair. Together these wonder ingredients hydrate your hair strands while lending shine and bounce to the curls. 

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