Best Home Remedies for Hair Care

7 Best Home Remedies for Hair Care | 7 Beauty Tips for Hair

Home Remedies for Hair Care

Do you ever feel that the advertisements on television regarding natural and shiny hair are over-exaggerated and are just designed to attract customers? Hair fall can occur due to excessive stress, imbalanced diet, hormonal imbalances, medications and many other reasons. You can read here to know about the causes of hair fall and how to prevent it.  Apart from using costly products or following the necessary care tips, you can also have natural and shiny hair through natural ways. Let us have a look at the

Beauty Tips for Hair

1. Egg

Best Home Remedies for Hair Care

This is the most common beauty tips for hair. If you have dry or brittle hair, you can use the whole egg to moisturise your hair with natural care. Mix egg in a bowl and add one teaspoon of honey and olive oil each to it and mix properly. Apply the mixture to your hair, leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse with cold or lukewarm water. Make sure that you do not wash your hair with hot water ever as it makes the hair dry and dull.

2. Licorice root

Licorice root : home remedies for hair care

Licorice is one of the best herbs to prevent hair fall or any other damage caused to the hair. It is considered one of the best conditioning treatments for dry hair. Take a cup of milk and add a quarter teaspoon of saffron and a tablespoon of ground licorice root. Apply the paste to your hair evenly and leave it overnight. Rinse your hair in the morning. To get the best results, follow the procedure twice a week.

3. Baking Soda

Baking Soda : home remedies for hair care

Another very effective beauty tip for hair is using baking soda. Put three tablespoon baking soda in a bowl and add water as per the requirement to make the solution diluted enough to be applied equally to your hair. After shampooing, apply this mixture for five minutes and then rinse properly. It will take away all the leftover residue of shampoo or any styling product used.

4. Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk : home remedies for hair care

This is the best cure for dry hair. In order to prepare this milk, heat a medium-sized coconut in a pan for 5 minutes and let it cool. After cooling, add one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and crushed black pepper each to the milk. Mix it properly and apply the mixture to your hair evenly from the roots to the tips. Rinse it with shampoo after 20 minutes of application.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera : home remedies for hair care

Aloe Vera is an effective product for reducing itchiness and flakiness in the scalp. It also boosts hair growth and reduces hair fall. All you have to do is cut a branch of aloe vera and take out its gel or pulp. Make a paste of it and apply it evenly on your hair for 45 minutes. And rinse afterward. Do this twice a week to get satisfactory results.

6. Green Tea

Green tea is a very healthy beauty tip which helps us in many ways. One of its uses is to repair the damaged hair. Boil water in a bowl and put 2-3 green tea bags in it. Let it cool and then pour it on your hair. Gently massage your scalp with your hands for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it with cool water.

7. Beetroot Juice

Rich in vitamins C and B6, folate, manganese, betaine and potassium, beetroot has all that is essential for hair nourishment. It is considered the best natural way to care for your hair. It also keeps the scalp clean. Boil 7-8 beetroot leaves along with 5-6 henna leaves and grind them together. Apply this paste and leave it for 20 minutes on your scalp. Rinse with warm water.

Natural Ways to Care for Your Hair

Apart from the application of natural substances, you can also have a healthy diet including spinach, eggs, fenugreek seeds, carrots, oats, walnuts, chicken, etc. Exercising regularly and taking proper sleep also helps a lot. Following the above-mentioned beauty tips for hair will give you healthy, shiny, moisturised and lustrous hair.

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