3 Easy Tips To Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup

3 Easy Ways To Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup

The sun, skin, sunscreen and makeup! 

As the name suggests, the sunscreens “screen out” the harmful UV rays from entering the skin. However, the sun rays are too powerful to be avoided by just one application of sunscreen. 

To combat this situation, dermatologists recommend reapplying sunscreens after every two to three hours. This is so because the UVA and UVB rays tend to harm the skin and induce premature signs of ageing and tanning or sunburn, respectively. 

And of course, we understand that it can get pretty messy to reapply sunscreens with makeup. But you are not the one to worry about it. We got it covered for you, just like your skin from the sun along with make up! 

The first sunscreen application matters the most!

A good start leads to good results! And if you talk about sun protection, the first application sets the tone for the rest of the layers. 

Using a lightweight facial sunscreen in the first application gives the perfect base for your makeup and keeps it intact at the same time. Furthermore, it protects your skin from the direct UV rays from the sun even when makeup starts wearing off with time

With an adequate SPF start, you double the protection and don't need to fully rely on reapplied sunscreen to protect your skin.

Now the question arises is it going to become messy with sunscreen and make up layers? Well, surprisingly, not at all! 

We have the lists and steps for you to follow to combine them both! Let's start! 

3 Easy Ways to Reapply Sunscreen Over Your Makeup Like a Pro

It is always smart to include the makeup products that are already infused with SPF. It not only gives you good coverage, but also adds to the sun protection along with the first application of sunscreens. 

As discussed above, you need to reapply sunscreen after regular intervals to keep up with fortifying your skin from the sun. 

Read along to know more on the foolproof ways to reapply sunscreen without messing up with your makeup.

1. SPF powder

Using an SPF powder is one of the easiest ways to reapply sunscreen over makeup for extra retouch protection. 

Aside from easy reapplication, powder sunscreen works great if your skin oozes out excess oil. You can maintain a matte look throughout the day without having to wear heavy liquids that make your skin more oily and uncomfortable. It offers waterproof and spill proof coverage from the sun with makeup. 

2. SPF spray

For a quick reapplication of sunscreen protection, SPF spray fits the bill. It's as easy as using a makeup setting spray. It's the best option if you are on the run for most of the day and don't have time to apply liquid SPF or retouch your makeup

Like traditional sunscreen, you'll need to reapply an SPF spray immediately after workouts and swimming. If you are spending time indoors, application after 2 hours will suffice. 

Also, if you have dry skin, an SPF spray will hydrate your skin while offering UV—protection benefits. 

3. SPF lotion

An SPF lotion is ideal for people with dry skin who want to apply sunscreen over makeup.

To apply the lotion, use a sponge to dot the sunscreen lotion on every inch of your face. Avoid the urge to drag or rub the sunscreen over your face, as that will potentially ruin some parts of your makeup. 

Ensure that you work one area at a time until the sunscreen lotion is finely blended with your makeup. The least you'll have to do with this method is blush up slightly. The rest of your makeup stays on, saving you the hassle to reapply. 

TIP- While reapplying sunscreen lotion, use light sunscreen. Keep in mind that we mean light in texture and not SPF level and strength.

A lighter sunscreen lotion will spread over your face evenly when blending it in. In other words, it doesn't need the considerable rubbing that a heavier lotion or cream sunscreen requires. 

Other Most Frequently Asked About Sunscreens
1. Can I skip moisturizer and use sunscreen?
It depends on personal preferences and skin type.

For instance, if you have oily skin and are in a humid environment, you can skip moisturizer and use sunscreen. However, your sunscreen will need to contain moisturizing ingredients to keep your skin hydrated. And just as we have mentioned, you'll need to keep reapplying with the sunscreen throughout the day.

Sunscreen with moisturizing components will usually have humectants, emollients, and ceramides, to prevent moisture loss. To reinstate, you can replace moisturizer with sunscreen, but never vice versa.

In a study comparing the effectiveness of SPF moisturizer and sunscreen, researchers found that an SPF moisturizer does not provide the same adequate protection as sunscreen. 

TIP- if you’re thinking about what goes first- sunscreen or moisturizer. Well, apply moisturizer first and then follow it with sunscreen. 
2. Is it the same using a CC cream and sunscreen? Know the difference here

A CC cream works as a sunscreen, foundation, and cream all in one. In addition, it contains some skin color-correction benefits, such as evening skin tone. It's also lighter and hence suitable for people with oily and dry skin, or a combination of both.

CC creams can work great as a second sunscreen application with makeup on,  but you'll still need to have a sunscreen coat beneath your makeup.

3 Easy Ways To Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup

3. Do I still need to wear sunscreen if my foundation has SPF?

Makeup routine with SPF foundation is a good practice to keep your skin looking its best with a few steps. However, it is always best to go for sunscreen under makeup for maximum protection.

Experts say that when it comes to sun protection, you need a product that can offer broad spectrum protection and has a SPF value of at least 30 or higher. Makeup products which have SPF value below 30 might not keep your skin well protected against UV rays. 

Take Away

Applying sunscreen over makeup is possible. It only requires a little effort and the right form of sunscreen to get it right. The most important issue is to not sacrifice sunscreen even when you spend hours on your makeup. 

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