Oxybenzone & OMC Free Sunscreen

Oxybenzone & OMC Free Sunscreen

No white cast | Prevents acne breakouts | Calms irritated skin


Safety tested


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Did you know?

Sun exposure is the leading cause of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and can accelerate the ageing process. Oxybenzone & OMC free Sunscreen offers broad spectrum sun protection without the greasy, heavy feeling on skin.

Non-greasy sunscreen for oily skin

Oxybenzone & OMC free Sunscreen is a lightweight sunscreen that does not feel greasy on the skin. It is non-comedogenic and does not clog pores, which is common for oily skin.

No irritation formula

Being free from Oxybenzone and OMC, which could be potential irritants for oily, acne prone skin, Oxybenzone and OMC free Sunscreen causes no irritation to the skin and eyes.

What’s inside that really matters...


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How To Use

Apply liberally on clean face, neck or any other sun exposed areas. Repeat every 6 hours or after swimming or heavy sweating.

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How can a lotion based sunscreen suit oily & acne prone skin?

This lotion based sunscreen has been formulated without filters that might irritate the skin or cause acne breakouts. It is also a non comedogenic formulation that will not clog pores.

Does it have fragrance?

Yes, it has a mild and soothing fragrance.

Can I apply moisturiser & sunscreen at the same time?

There should be a gap of 5-10 minutes while applying both. Remember to apply sunscreen after the moisturiser.

Can it be applied on the body?

Yes, it should be applied on skin exposed to sun rays.

What type of sunscreen is it?

It is a chemical sunscreen, formulated without OMC & Oxybenzone filters.

Using Oxybenzone & OMC free Sunscreen reduces irritation to skin & eyes.

Broad spectrum protection

SPF 50, PA+++

Non comedogenic 

Prevents clogging of pores

Broad spectrum protection

SPF 50, PA+++

Non comedogenic 

Prevents clogging of pores

“Following an entire skincare regime helps achieve your goals 2x faster”
Dr. Aseem Sharma
On Panel Dermatologist.

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